Best Rain Gear For Fishing – Buying Guide & Product Reviews

Nothing quite beats a day of fishing when the sun is up, and the drinks are kept cold in the cooler. But for some anglers, the reality of that happening more than a few times in a year is a slim chance.

Some people have to fish in the cold and rain, as daunting as that sounds, it can be made bearable and even fun if you have the right gear. That’s why we have reviewed the best rain gear for fishing. 

Best Rain Gear For Fishing at a Glance

  1. FROGG TOGGS Pilot Pro Rain Jacket (Best Fishing Jacket)
  2. Huk Tournament Fishing Rain Gear Jacket
  3. FROGG TOGGS Rockslide Waterproof Rain Jacket
  4. Huk Gunwale Rain Pants (Best Waterproof Pants)
  5. Columbia Rebel Roamer Rain Pants
  6. Frog Toggs Tekk Toad Waterproof Cargo Pants
  7. Navis Marine Fishing Rain Gear (Best Fishing Rain Suit)
  8. FROGG TOGGS Classic Fishing Rain Suit
  9. SWISSWELL Rain Suit

So you can enjoy your next fishing trip no matter what the weather is like. Staying warm and dry is vital to ensuring you have a good time, perform at your peak and catch a load of fish!

Below we have reviewed the best rain gear for fishing, the post is split up into 3 parts: Waterproof jackets, Waterproof Pants and Rain suits. 

Best Fishing Rain Gear – Waterproof Jackets

Best Fishing Jacket
FROGG TOGGS Men's Pilot Pro Waterpoof Rain Jacket FROGG TOGGS Men's Pilot Pro Waterpoof Rain Jacket
$87.20 - $259.99

For fishing and rainy-day activity, you'll be comfortably prepared and protected in this frogg toggs® Pilot PROTM Jacket. It has a very high 15k/20k waterproof rating, so not only does water stay out, perspiration escapes for total dry wear. Even the zippers are splash-proof, and the front zipper has an internal storm flap for your valuables, e.g a mobile phone. The hood is designed with a full-face closure. Plus, the sleeves feature internal neoprene cuffs and external hook-and-loop closures to seal out the elements.

Key Features:

  • DriPore Gen 2 PLUS inner layer with 15k/20k waterproof/breathable rating
  • Teflon Durable Water Repellant polyester shell provides added resistance to moisture and stains while adding durability
  • Soft, smooth nylon taffeta lining for cool, comfortable wear
  • Integrated fleece-lined high-rise collar is soft against your face
  • Fitted 3-way adjustable hood with full face closure for added coverage from a storm
05/13/2021 12:54 am GMT
Huk Men's Tournament Fishing Rain Gear Jacket Huk Men's Tournament Fishing Rain Gear Jacket
$168.00 - $230.00

The Huk® Tournament Waterproof Jacket is one of the best fishing jackets you can currently buy. It's fantastic at keeping you dry. It boasts an astounding 20K/15K waterproof/breathability rating…far exceeding what's typically on the market. That means you stay dry, even in heavy, all-day rain. And the Jacket is moisture-wicking and breathable, so you get 100% waterproof performance without overheating.

Key Features:

  • Windproof, 100% polyester shell with DWR finish and taped, sealed seams
  • Above industry standard 20K/15K waterproof/breathability rating for premiere protection from rain and waves
  • Moisture-wicking inner layer only adds to overall dry wear
  • Adjustable hood
  • Covered zipper pockets
  • Covered flap pockets
05/13/2021 07:45 am GMT
Best Budget Fishing Jacket
FROGG TOGGS Rockslide Waterproof Rain Jacket FROGG TOGGS Rockslide Waterproof Rain Jacket
$35.69 - $115.84

Wear this when you need your rain gear to have a little extra beef to it. The Frogg toggs® Toadz® fabric gets a performance-enhancing boost of Teflon and soft-hand ripstop. And the Jacket will keep you dry during a passing rain or snowy conditions. It's an excellent choice for any fisherman who is likely to experience some rain throughout the day, however, if you expect to be in a storm/heavy downpour for hours, it may be worth investing in a higher-end model.

Key Features:

  • 8,000/3,000 waterproof/breathable rating
  • DriPore Gen 2 holds water out, lets fabric remain breathable
  • Attached hood with shock-cord adjust
  • 2 zippered hand pockets
  • Angled zippered chest pocket
05/13/2021 12:54 am GMT

Best Rain Gear For Fishing – Waterproof Pants

Best Fishing Pants
Huk Gunwale Water Proof & Wind Resistant Rain Pants Huk Gunwale Water Proof & Wind Resistant Rain Pants
$73.77 - $159.30

Keep dry and safe from the rain and sea in these Huk® Gunwale Waterproof Pants. They feature an incredible 10K/10K waterproof/breathability rating, due to a Durable Water Repellent finish, internal membrane, and taped/sealed seams. And they're still breathable and moisture-wicking for total dry wear.

Key Features:

  • 2.5-layer 100% nylon with DWR finish and taped, sealed seams
  • Outstanding 10K/10K waterproof/breathability rating
  • Pants are also windproof
  • Moisture-wicking inner layer moves sweat to outer layer
  • Zippers at legs for easy on/off
  • 2 front zipper pockets
05/13/2021 06:47 am GMT
Columbia Men's Standard Rebel Roamer Rain Pant, Black, Medium x 32 Columbia Men's Standard Rebel Roamer Rain Pant, Black, Medium x 32" Inseam
$25.33 - $101.38

Columbia® Rebel RoamerTM Pants feature waterproof/breathable Omni-Tech and fully sealed seams to keep out water while letting excess body heat escape. These waterproof pants were originally produced for hiking and trekking, but have been loved by fisherman for their ability to keep water out. After, all it makes no difference as to how you are using them as long as you're in rainy/wet conditions. The only drawback with these pants is that they have no pockets, which can come in useful for carrying some of the fishing tackle you need on hand.

Key Features:

  • 100% nylon
  • Omni-Tech breathable waterproof protection to keep dry
  • Elastic waist with internal shock cord
  • Hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs
  • Modern Classic fit
05/13/2021 12:54 am GMT
Best Budget Fishing Pants
Frog Toggs Tekk Toad Waterproof Cargo Pants Frog Toggs Tekk Toad Waterproof Cargo Pants
$29.82 - $57.98

Classic frogg toggs® construction provides a good combination of flexibility, durability, and of course, wind and waterproof protection. There is also zipper front pockets to hold your gear, but be careful not to store valuables in the pockets during a downpour, as they are not fully waterproof zips.

Key Features:

  • Breathable, waterproof DriPore Gen 2 technology
  • 16" leg zippers for easy on/off
  • Zipper front pockets, flap side pockets
  • Hook-and-loop leg openings
05/13/2021 12:54 am GMT

Fishing Rain Gear – Rain Suits (Jacket & Pants)

Best Fishing Rain Suit
Navis Marine Fishing Jacket Fishing Rain Gear Navis Marine Fishing Jacket Fishing Rain Gear
$59.00 - $149.00

Navis Marine produces some exceptional rainwear for a rang of off-shore sports, including fishing. This rain suit looks like a classical fishing suit (especially when bought in 'gold' color), and it can hold up to the roughest of conditions. It is produced from a waterproof and durable fabric that has been lined with soft mesh for comfort and breathability.

Key Features:

  • 100% Nylon 2 layer waterproof/ breathable shell protection specialized for fishing, wadering, and sailing
  • Multi-pocket with YKK waterproof zippers
  • 3-point adjustable, tuck-away storm hood
  • Anti-chafe chin guard, dual draw-cord adjustable bottom hem, adjustable cuffs, and 2 top-load chest pockets
05/13/2021 09:53 am GMT
Budget Rain Suit
FROGG TOGGS Classic Waterproof Breathable Fishing Rain Suit FROGG TOGGS Classic Waterproof Breathable Fishing Rain Suit
$32.14 - $90.83

Whether you are fishing, hiking, or working, the All Sport Rain Suit offers breathable waterproof protection when you don't have time to worry about the storm. Fully taped and sealed seams totally reject rain. And with extras like a full-cut parka-length jacket, storm flap, and elastic cuff, it'll help you stay dry and comfortable. You get both the jacket and the pants with your purchase so you can stay completely dry.

Key Features:

  • DriPore breathable waterproof protection, with fully taped and sealed seams
  • Full-cut parka-length jacket for extra coverage
  • Full-zip jacket with storm flap
  • Removable, 3-pc. adjustable hood can roll up & store in collar
  • Elastic cuffs
  • 4-panel cut performance pants with adjustable waist and cord locks
05/13/2021 06:47 am GMT
SWISSWELL Men's Rain Suit Waterproof Lightweight Hooded Rainwear SWISSWELL Men's Rain Suit Waterproof Lightweight Hooded Rainwear
$39.99 - $49.99

SWISSWELL Men's Rain Suit, WP-Waterproof index: 5000 and WVP-Moisture permeability 3000 developed with the latest waterproof technology that keep you dry and warm in wet weather/rainy days. It's also extremely lightweight and packable, so you can easily store and retrieve out of your Fishing backpack. The Rain Pants designed to be worn alone, or as an outer layer in colder weather.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof index:3000 WVP-Moisture permeability:3000
  • There's a soft layer of mesh for the lining which aids with breathability
  • Hoop & loop velcro cuffs 
  •  Lightweight and packable
  • Rain pants lining is made of soft & comfortable nylon fabric
05/13/2021 09:51 am GMT

How To Choose The Best Rain Gear For Fishing – Buying Guide & FAQs

best fishing rain gear


The first and most important consideration you will make when buying fishing rain gear, is how waterproof is it?

Secondy, you must ask yourself where are you likely to be fishing? If you are only fishing around small ponds and lakes, then you’re less likely to get as wet as you would if you are fishing from a boat in the choppy ocean.

Thirdly, ask yourself what is the typical climate where I live? If you live in a warm part of the country will little rainfall per year, then your jacket won’t need to be as waterproof as if you lived in a cold part of the country with common heavy downpours.

There is a range of materials that offer waterproof protection, and each jacket is usually given a waterproof rating which correlates to how effective is it in wet weather.

Also, look for other features that will keep water out and keep you and your valuables protected. It’s common for zips to fail and your pockets get soaked.

A high-quality waterproof jacket and pants will have storm proof zips which are fully waterproof.

As well as this, they will have taped seams, which makes sure no water can enter your jacket through the areas of stitching. 


Whilst fishing might seem like a calm and peaceful sport initially. Over the course of your angling career, you’re likely to be exposed to some treacherous conditions which will really test the quality of your fishing rain gear.

You want your clothing to last you a long time, so making sure it’s durable and wear-resistant is key.

Whilst you’re fighting and trying to reel in a monster catch, you’ll be bending and moving everywhere. It’s important that your rain gear can withstand being pulled and stretched at the seams without tearing under strain.

No matter where you fish, you are also likely to catch the jacket on something sharp at some point, whether it’s rocks, trees, fishing hooks, or an item in your fishing kayak. The last thing you want is to tear a big hole in your waterproofs and ruin the purpose for which they were designed.

Top-quality brands use top quality materials that shouldn’t rip easily. I would always recommend reading through any product reviews and ensuring that tearing easily isn’t a common problem. 


When you are wearing waterproofs, unless the temperature is high, you’re likely to be wearing items of other clothing underneath.

Having numerous layers of thick clothing will weigh you down, restrict your mobility, and ultimately affect your fishing ability. 

Having lightweight outer layers will ensure that you can wear clothing underneath and still maintain your full range of motion and mobility. 

Lightweight fishing rain gear is also easy to roll up and pack away in your fishing backpack. This is important as you want to save as much room in your backpack as possible for items such as your spinning reels, hooks, baits, and other tackle. 

If you are conscious about the weight of your fishing jacket, then make sure to read the product specifications before buying and double-check the weight. 

Fishing Rain Gear FAQs

best rain gear for fishing

What do you wear to go fishing in the rain

To successfully go fishing in the rain, you need a few items of clothing to keep you warm and dry and to ensure that you are fishing for as long as possible. The main items that you will need are; Waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, waterproof boots, fishing backpack (for tackle and storing waterproofs), a spare pair of socks and a fishing shelter if required.

What rain gear do they use on Deadliest Catch?

The Deadliest Catch is a TV show about commercial fishing. The fisherman are exposed to treacherous conditions. To battle the wind and rain they use Grundéns Rain Gear. Grundéns is well known for its rugged and outstanding performance in the marine and commercial fishing industry. 

Is it better to fish before or after rain?

Whilst a lot of this has to do with where and how you fish – something that can only come with experience and practice. A lot of anglers like to fish after heavy rain.

This is because bugs and other small insects will wash into the water, downstream into lakes and ponds meaning that the fish are more active, feeding next to the surface – this is particularly effective if you like fly fishing.

Can I fly fish in the rain?

You can most definitely fly fish in the rain! Just make sure you are well protected from the elements by using some of the best rain gear for fishing we have listed above. 

The ripples on the surface caused by the rain, act as a ‘camouflage’ for the fish. So if you are fishing for example, for trout.

The trout will be much more active whilst it’s raining because they are under the impression that predators can’t see them because of the rain. If they are active and out of their hides… you are much more likely to get a bite.

How do I care for my fishing rain gear?

It’s difficult to give advice on how to clean your fishing rain gear, when there is so many different material variations that are used. What might work for one material could damage or be useless on another.

If you are fishing frequently it’s likely that your clothes will be dirty and in need of a regular wash. 

Some materials would be rendered useless if you put them inside of a washing machine. Therefore you must read the label carefully for the best cleaning guidance. It’s common for clothing labels to tell you if they are machine washable or not. 

If you are fishing in saltwater frequently it’s important that you clean your clothes often. If they aren’t overly dirty, just give your fishing rain gear a spray down with some water so that no salt water or chemicals remain sitting on the surface. 

Conclusion – Best Rain Gear For Fishing

Fishing in the rain comes down to personal preference, some people find it even more relaxing than fishing in the sun!

And the added bonus of higher chances of being able to land more fish is an exciting prospect that can make fishing in the rain worthwhile. 

Even if you like fishing in fair weather, it’s still worth carrying some fishing rain gear in your backpack. The last thing you want to happen is to hike half an hour, set up your rods and reels, and camp, for the heavens to immediately open and you get stuck with no rain gear. 

Finding the best rain gear for fishing shouldn’t be a difficult task, as long as you follow our guidance in the buyer’s guide, you should be able to find some rain gear that is perfect for you.

Alternatively, any of the choices on our list will serve you very well! 

Finding the best waterproof fishing clothes does involve a little research and effort to read through all of the specifications, sizing, and customer reviews.

But it’s better to spend more time looking to find the perfect rain gear which might last you years to come.

Once you have made up your mind and chosen the best fishing rain gear, you can throw it in your bag and head out to cast your line knowing that you are going to be fully protected from the elements and any bad weather that comes your way.

Happy Fishing!

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