Does Gulp Work For Ice Fishing?

Gulp! is an innovative type of artificial bait, and some fishers will argue that it’s the very best thing for ice fishing. Gulp! Leech and Gulp! Minnow can both be used out on the ice, and you may potentially catch more fish than usual.

So, does Gulp work for ice fishing?

As with any type of bait, biting isn’t guaranteed, but the ease and convenience of Gulp! is a convincing argument for using it.

It’s natural to be wary of artificial bait. Every fisher has some experience using it and spending a miserable few hours with no fish biting. Gulp! might sound pretty great, but it’s hard to imagine how it’s any better than real live bait.

In the water, Gulp! disperses over an incredible distance, attracting different fish with the strong scent. This works in all types of water, although the best varieties to use for ice fishing are the minnow and leech.

The bright colors and well-designed shapes help the bait to stand out, and to convince the fish to take a bite.

Does Gulp work for ice fishing?

The real advantage of Gulp! in ice fishing is the ease of use. Gulp! can be stored for a long time, and it doesn’t need to be kept at any sort of temperature. In the cold conditions of ice fishing, Gulp! hooks easily, especially as it doesn’t wriggle around.

There are some who feel that Gulp! is ineffective, especially when compared to live bait. However, other fishers think it’s the best option. The only way to tell is to take Gulp! on your next ice fishing trip.

Does Gulp! Alive! work?

Yes, Gulp! Alive! does work, and you should be able to catch the same amount of fish with Gulp! as you can with live bait. This is thanks to the incredible olfactory technology used by Gulp!

Gulp! Alive! works on three different levels: smell, shape, and taste. The first, and most important, feature is the scent. Fish have an incredible sense of smell – enough that they can detect a single drop in an Olympic sized swimming pool. This scent is how they find their food, even when it sinks down in the murky water.

The scent of Gulp! Alive! disperses far through the water, thanks to the water-soluble formula. The fish are able to smell this, and will assume it’s food. They bite, and you can catch your fish.

Gulp! Alive! is different from Gulp! because it’s soaked in more of the scent. This has its obvious advantages for fishing, but it does make it a more pungent product to own. 

Is Gulp safe for fish?

Yes, Gulp! is safe for fish. Eating fish caught using Gulp! is also safe for humans. This is because Gulp! is a water-based system.

Previous artificial baits have been scented using oil-based formulas. Oil and water don’t mix, so the smell just sits on the water. With Gulp! the water-based scent begins to disperse immediately. This is healthy for the fish, and for the water itself.

Other types of artificial bait use PVC plastic to form the bait. Gulp! uses water-based polymers, which are safer for the fish, and for the environment.

Of course, littering with Gulp! is still a problem. If you leave live bait behind, it will simply be eaten. If Gulp! is left behind, the fish will try and eat it, but it will just pass through the system. Gulp! won’t immediately dissolve. Therefore, it’s important to always clear up after yourself if you’re fishing with Gulp!

How to use Gulp waxies?

Gulp! waxies are used in the same way you would use live waxies. Simply insert the hook into the waxies, and sink it into the water. They’re coated with a special Gulp! soluble scent, which attracts the fish near. When the fish has been caught, the bait can be removed.

“Waxies” is a slightly affectionate nickname given to larval wax worms that are so useful for catching fish. They’re small and wiggly, which can make them quite difficult to hook, especially in bad weather. Gulp! waxies look and smell like live waxies, but they’re easier to use.

To use Gulp! Waxies, simply insert the hook through the thicker end of the body. Either push the full worm onto the hook, or let the hook poke through the body. You can also hook through the side of the waxies, depending on the size of your hook.

How do you hook Gulp to maggots?

Gulp! doesn’t need to be used alongside maggots, it’s just as effective on its own. If you want to hook Gulp! Maggots, then you do it the exact same way you would a regular maggot. Pass the hook through the side, or along the body.

If you find the fish aren’t biting, then you may want to change up your bait. If you don’t seem to have luck with anything, you might consider mixing the two together. Gulp! Maggots are small and soft, so they can be broken in half. This allows you to hook live maggots, alongside Gulp! Maggots. 

How do Gulp shrimp work?

Gulp! Shrimp work by looking and smelling like shrimp, attracting fish to them and causing them to bite. They work the exact same way as shrimp bait, but in an easier packaging.

Gulp! Shrimp work initially by attracting fish with their smell. All the Gulp! Baits, including the shrimp, are full of scent.

When these shrimp are placed into the water, this smell immediately starts to disperse. It can actually travel over 400 times more effectively than other brands, attracting fish from all over.

When the fish has caught the scent of Gulp! Shrimp, it will start to head towards it. The artificial bait is designed to look like a shrimp, and to be attractive in the water, This means the approaching fish will be fooled into thinking that it’s actual food.

Once the fish has taken a bite, the taste is also close to that of the shrimp, The fish tries to eat, and you can reel it in.

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