Best Braided Fishing Lines – Our Top 6 Picks

Choosing the best braided fishing line isn’t a straightforward task. Whilst many anglers stick with what they know, sometimes switching things up and trying new products is the best way to take your fishing game to the next level. 

We know all too well that there are hundreds of different options on the market and they all promise to be the best braid. But who is right?

In this post, we are going to cover our picks for the best braided fishing line and why you might want to consider giving one of them a spot in your tackle bag. 

The Best Braided Fishing Lines at a Glance  

Why use a braided fishing line?

best braided fishing line

Whilst mono line might still hold the spot of the best all-purpose line for most anglers, braid is quickly climbing the ranks, and for good reason.

When fishing in clear waters most anglers want a clear line, braid makes an exceptional mainline that you can easily tie your fluoro leader onto and still reap the casting and sensitivity benefits of a braided fishing line.

In murky and dark waters you can forget the leader and just use braid as your all-purpose line. 

  • Better casting ability: Braid fishing line is well known for longer and more accurate casts. This is largely due to the fibers it is produced from.

    You will often see them marketed as “Spectra”, “Gore” and “Dyneema” fibers. Each has been specially designed to have unique properties that make them smooth.

    Combine these properties with a small diameter line and you have yourself a braided line that outperforms all others when it comes to casting ability.
  • Small Line Diameter: Braided fishing line has a much smaller diameter than fluorocarbon and mono lines of equivalent strength.

    What this essentially means is that you can spool more line onto your reel and be able to tie much tighter knots. 
  • Highly Sensitive/No Stretch: Braided fishing line has virtually no ‘stretch’ which is also referred to as being highly sensitive.

    The lack of stretch in the fishing line allows the angler to feel where and how the lure is moving through the water. It also makes it much easier to detect even the lightest of bites allowing you to set the hook much faster.

    There are some fishing situations where you might want a little stretch in your line, but for most anglers a high sensitivity line is a great option.
  • Durable: The braid fibers are tough. If you like to fish over rough covers like rocks, wood, brush, and boat docks then braid is a great fishing line for you. Using a durable line will lead to less re-tying and less purchasing of the line itself.  

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Key Features Of Braided Fishing Line

Zero Stretch
Braided fishing line is often referred to as a line with zero or no stretch. Another way to explain this is that there is no ‘give’ in the line when a fish strikes. Stretch is also closely correlated to sensitivity – where there is no stretch, there is a high sensitivity and vice versa. 

A highly sensitive line provides the angler with a lot of feedback about what is happening below the surface of the water. It’s easier to ‘feel’ where your lure is and how it is moving.

You can also feel any bites on your bait or lure almost instantly, even from small fish. This allows you to set the hook rapidly and increase your chances of catching a fish. 

Abrasion Resistance
Whilst all line manufacturers (even mono & fluoro) make abrasion resistance a key part of their product development, it’s mostly apparent in braided lines.

The fibers used are inherently strong by nature and when wound together to form braid, this increases the lines abrasion resistance.

Braid is great for when you are casting around sharp structures such as rocks, docks and trees. Don’t want to use braid but you need the abrasion resistance? Use a leader line. 

Small Diameter
Braided line has a small diameter relative to its strength, especially when compared to monofilament or fluorocarbon lines.

You will sometimes see on products of braid two numbers like “25/10”. This means that this spec of braid has a 25lb test with a diameter that is equivalent to a 10lb test mono or fluoro line. 

A small-diameter line also allows you to spool more lines onto your reel or use more mono backing. 

High Knot Strength
Due to the small diameter that a braided line has compared to mono and fluoro, you can tie much tighter and stronger knots. This is one of the reasons it works great as a main line with an attached leader. 

High Tensile Strength
Tensile strength is the maximum load a material can support without fracturing whilst being stretched.

Due to braid being multi-strand which is wound together, the tensile strength is much higher than fluoro and mono when similar diameters are compared.

Braided Fishing Line FAQs

braided fishing line

Is braided fishing line better than mono?

It’s difficult to explicitly say which type of fishing line is better as both are suited to a wide variety of applications. Mono has more memory and stretch than braided fishing line and thus won’t be as sensitive to bites and will give a slower hook set – not always desirable.

However, the stretch of mono might be beneficial when hunting fish that strike hard and fast. A little bit of ‘give’ in the line will prevent any instant breaks when the fish strikes. 

Braided line has a smaller diameter which will allow for stronger knots and more line spooled onto the reel.

Braid also tends to be much stronger than mono due to the multi-strand construction. At the end of the day, which is better? It comes down to where and how you intend to be using your setup. 

What is the best color braided fishing line to use?

Green or ‘low-vis green’ is widely regarded as the least visible braided fishing line to use whilst fishing. However, your color choice depends on where you are fishing and the color of your water.

For example, if you are fishing in murky, dark water then you can get away with dark green, red, blue, and brown (the color doesn’t matter as much here).

But if you are fishing in crystal clear water then many fish will be put off by a line they can easily spot. In these circumstances, it’s best to use a fluoro leader line and use the braid as your mainline. 

How long should a leader be on braided line?

The average length of your leader should be 2-4 feet. This gives plenty of room to tie on your lures and other tackle whilst still being long enough to hide the braided main line from the target fish. 

What is the best way to cut braided fishing line?

Braided fishing line is definitely stronger than most alternatives and therefore can be more difficult to cut if you haven’t come prepared with the right tools. It can be cut with a sharp knife and scissors, but to get the best cut possible it’s best to use a dedicated pair of fishing pliers

How do you tie braid to mono or fluoro?

There is a variety of ways to accomplish tying a braid to other lines, but the most popular method is to use a Uni-knot.

The uni knot is regarded as one of the most useful knots in fishing as it can be used with a variety of lines and be used for many connection methods. You can see a step-by-step guide in the video below:

How often should you change fishing line?

For most anglers fishing line should at the very least be changed once or twice a year, however, if you fish frequently or go through a lot of lines per fishing session then you will be changing the line more often.

One of the factors affecting the time between line changes is the quality of the line you opted for. This is why picking the best braided fishing line is essential. 


Fishing is a great hobby to be a part of. As a beginner or even an experienced angler, it’s important to use quality gear that can cope with the demanding environments and challenges at hand – trust us, it saves you money in the long run! 

The fishing line is a major part of your setup, and braid is a great choice for most fishermen. Therefore choosing the best-braided fishing line is crucial. 

We know that it can quickly lead to a headache and frustration when sifting through the hundreds if not thousands of different braided fishing line options on the web.

Therefore, we hope that this guide has helped you make a better-informed decision and that you have settled on the best-braided fishing line for you. To recap our top pick was: Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line and our next best pick were: KastKing Superpower Braided Line

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