10 Best Wakeboard Life Jackets in 2020 [Reviews]

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Intro into the best wakeboard life jackets

Everyone knows that wakeboarding is one of the most adrenaline rushing water sports you can do. Nothing beats riding at high speeds on the surface of the water however you need to be protected with the best wakeboard life jacket to ensure you stay safe in the water. 

You never know what might happen and hitting the water at high speeds can be like hitting concrete. Making sure you are able to stay afloat in these scenarios is extremely important.

To help you select the best wakeboarding life jacket we have put together this guide of our favourite top 10 life jackets and a buyers guide so you have all of the information to make an informed choice. We know how tough it can be to sift through hours of products trying to find the best ones. But don't worry we have done all that for you so you can spend more time out on the water!

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Best 10 Wakeboard Life Jackets 

What Features To Look For In The Best Wakeboard Life Vest 

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Picking the right size of life jacket for wakeboarding is crucial to how comfortable you are whilst on the water and to your overall safety. Picking the wrong size could potentially be dangerous as the whole point of a life jacket is to keep you afloat and most importantly your head above the water level. 

If you are specifcally on the search for infant and kids life jackets then it's important to include those specific phrases in the search term as non of the standard life jackets will do the job and we haven't included any in our list, but you can check those out here.

Also it's worth mentioning that life jackets are also usually male and female specific, luckily for you we hae included examples of both in our top 10 list for the best wakeboard life jacket. Just double check you are buying the right kind before you order. 

Wakeboarding life jackets are dedicated to the particular sub set of water sports which included things like wake boarding, jet skiing, water skiing and other fast paced sports. This is due to the higher impacts involved. If you were to fall and hit the water you want to make sure the lifejacket doesn't come off and compromise your ability to stay afloat. 

This is why most regular life jackets won't stand up to wakeboarding. The best wakeboard life jacket is snug fitted and tight around your waste and upper body. This allows it to remain in place and also stops it moving too much which would prohibit your ability to move around freely. 

Before ordering double check the measurement guides provided by the manufacturer in the product details. And read the customer reviews many times they will provide user feedback as to whether a large fits more like a standard medium size and vice versa. 

Material Choice

One of the key decision factors we looked at whilst choosing the 10 best wakeboard life jackets was the material choice used to manufacture the vest. All of the vest we have chosen are made from high quality materials and will all last a very long time. 

Common materials like polyester and nylon are used right across the water sporting industry wether its for producing gloves, wetsuits, boots and much more. They are lightweight, durable and can be made water resistant. They are a great choice for your wakeboard life jacket. 

Probably the most popular material for the best wakeboard life jacket is neoprene, this again is used right across all sorts of items in water sports. It has all of the great features that nylon and polyester have but it produces comfortable items with a natural level of stretch which makes it great for activities which require you to move around a lot. 

Style Choice

Whilst it's our duty to say that you should always choose functionality and safety over looks - and this is true! But we would all be lying slightly if we said we never take the style and looks into consideration...

Now style choices don't necessarily just improve the way the jackets look there is also some design features that add functionality to the jacket and they differ from one jacket to the next. 

The first thing to look at is zipper vs buckles or both. Either option is absolutely fine and the life jacket will still function fine. It's usually down to a personal preference. I doubt that a zipper will ever come un-done but a buckle does add a layer of security you wouldn't get without one. Most Competition wakeboard life jackets don't have buckles as they might snag or catch whilst the pro is backflipping through the air... Something not all of us will be doing. 

Another design features is the size of the arm and neck holes. As long as you buy the right size it's unlikely you'll ever slip out of the jacket whilst floating. But choosing a jacket with bigger holes will give you more freedom to move and a bigger range of motion with your arms. If you can see yourself doing 360 spins and flips then the extra room will help. 


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Q: What Is A Wakeboarding Life Jacket?


Wakeboarding life jackets are not the same as a life jacket you would use to say go kayaking or paddle boarding. Due to the speed you may hit the water if you fall off the jacket has to be snuggly fit to your body to ensure it does not come over your head and leave you stranded without aid. They are also very lightweight to allow you to easily move whilst on the board.

Q: If I Fall Will The Life Jacket Keep Me Floating?


The whole point of a life jacket is to keep you afloat and more importantly keep your head above the water if you are knocked unconscious. All of the jackets apart from the competition vests on our list have been approved by the US Coast Guard. This ensures they are competently desigined and have passed certain tests allowing them to be classed as safe to use for water sports. 

Q: What Are The Main Differences Between A Wakeboarding And Jet Skiing Life Jackets?

​​Whilst there is a huge range of life jackets out there ranging from kayaking jackets, fishing jackets and even inflatable PFD's. They are all designed in a slightly different way to provide different levels of safety, mobility and usability depending on the sport and location.  

Jet Skiing life jackets and Wakeboarding Life jackets are very similar in many respects in that they both have to offer good mobility and a wide range of motion for your arms. And that they have to remain tightly snug to your body to prevent them coming off in the case of a high speed impact such as a crash into the water. 


Overall choosing the best wakeboard life jacket will ensure you have a more enjoyable time out on the water and improve your safety. Wearing a life vest gives you a peace of mind and you can focus on the more important aspects of wakeboarding like keeping your balance, mastering the technique and showing off with the wide variety of tricks i'm sure you have in your arsenal...

Ensuring you choose the right wakeboard life jacket will be more comfortable on your body and improve the actual level of safety it provides. For example choosing the right size and shape for your gender and body type will allow the jacket to be tight but not uncomfortable and be buoyant enough to keep you afloat if you fall in (which if you are just beginning to learn wakeboarding, you will!). 

Firstly make sure you choose the right size for your body, this is crucial and failing to do so can actually be very dangerous. Lucky for us most of the jackets are highly adjustable and with a few tweaks of the straps and buckles you can get a good fit. 

Before wakeboarding test your life jacket out. Head into the shallow water and see if it can keep you afloat Roll onto your belly and back and see if you can keep your head above the water in all positions. 

Next check the material, you want a soft, water resistant and lightweight material like neoprene. This will ensure your best wakeboard life jacket functions well and is durable enough to last you years. 

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