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best pike lures

The Best Pike Lures

Pike fishing is one of the most enjoyable form of predatory fishing for anglers across the world. There is a sense of achievement you get from landing one of these monsters. They are big, fast and highly aggressive and require the best pike lures to suck them into your trap.

Selecting the right lure for the conditions is important. Different lures will work better depending on the time of year, time of day and location. In this guide we are going to go over our top best northern pike lures and provide you with a buyers guide to inform you of what features helped make up our decision.

We know that it's tough to find the best pike lures due to the sheer numbers of products on the market today. The team at Water Sporting Adventure has spent many hours researching and testing the best lures for pike so you can spend more time out on the water catching these amazing trophy fish!

Let's Dive Right In!

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10 Best Northern Pike Lures

Best Pike Lures - Buyers Guide and FAQ

best lures for pike

Time of Day For Fishing Pike

Choosing the right time of day to cast your lure for pike is important and will really increase your chances of landing one of these trophy fish. 

Pike don't commonly feed at night time. At night they will likely retreat into the vegetation to rest. To maximise your chances of catching a pike with a lure then you'll want to fish in daylight. Early in the morning as the sun is rising, big lures will be highly effective as other large prey fish will be active during this time in the shallows.

After mid-day you could also have some more luck with trolling your lures and using smaller lures. It all can vary massively though depending on your location. Remember it can take time to learn how to fish a specific spot and it often comes down to trial and error, so don't give up too quick!

Time of Year For Fishing Northern Pike

You can catch plenty of pike year round but there is some particular times when your chances will be increased. In the spring pike will likely be in the shallow areas as this is where they are born. Spring is the end of spawning season for pike so they will be very active and very hungry during this time. 

During summer when the water warms, pike will shift to deeper and cooler water in the center of the lake or pond etc. Remember pike like cooler waters and seasons. The type of lure to use wont differ month to month as pike aren't particularly fussy eaters. 

What is the best type of lure to use for pike?

The main reason you see so many different types of lures for pike on the market is because pike don't really care what they consume. They are highly aggressive fish that eat a lot of food throughout the day. 

Live bait is very effective for catching pike due to the scent and movement, but if you choose a high quality lure which can replicate prey fish well then you will due just fine and still be able to catch the larger pike. 

Using larger lures will of course catch larger pike. Many anglers who are only after the big pike will opt for a 6"+ lure to filter out bites from the smaller fish. Crankbaits and spinners are an effective way to catch pike as they cause disturbance and vibration in the water which help to replicate an injured fish - perfect for catching predatory fish. 

Spoons can also be great for catching northern pike as they are bright and shiny making them super visible in shallow darker water where pike will often hang out after spawning season. 

Type Of Fishing Line

It’s important to get a high quality fishing line with pike as not only can they grow to be a very decent size but they also can put up a fight as well. Your line will need to be strong and braided is probably the best option in regards to this and the color required depends on the color of the water that you are fishing in

Choosing The Right Fishing Line 

High quality fishing line is always up the upmost importance when going after predatory fish with large teeth like pike. Choosing a low strength line will not only lose your catch but also your lure and hooks.

Braided line is probably the most popular fishing line for hooking pike as it's very strong and durable to abrasion. The color of the line largely depends upon the color of the water you are fishing in - You want to opt for the least visible. 


best northern pike lures

Q: Can I reuse a lure?

A: Of course you can! Fishing would quickly get very expensive of you couldn't use it more than once. But remember to always check the condition of your lures for rips, damage, loose hooks and rust. Using a damaged lure might decrease it's effectiveness, for example, if you are using a realistic prey lure and it loses it's tail, it's not likely to move through the water in a way to attract predators.

Q: What makes a pike lure so special?

A: All of the lures on our list of best northern pike lures can be used for loads of other types of fish. Pike really aren't fussy eaters, if it fits in their mouth they'll eat it. All of the pike trolling lures we looked at will do the job absolutely fine and if you want to catch other fish like bass and walleye they will also be able to catch them. 

Q: What size pike lure should I use?

A: The size of your pike bait or pike lure needs to match the size of the pike you are targeting. Bigger pike will consume bigger fish. Smaller pike will eat smaller fish. It's that simple really, if you aren't interested in lots of bites from small pike them opt for using a lure over 4 -6 inches.


Going after northern pike is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time outside fishing. They put up a mighty fight and really get the adrenaline pumping. However if you are casting the wrong type of bait or lure into the water, then you'll have trouble attracting the bigger predatory fish. 

Lucky for us, pike strike almost anything so choosing a lure isn't too difficult and we believe that any of the ones we have pre-chosen for you on our list will help you land many pike throughout the fishing season. But don't limit yourself to one choice, grab a few different once for your tackle box and experiment with different kinds.

You also have to consider other aspects of fishing like whats the best mono line or braided line to use? What's the best fishing backpack to haul your gear and rod around in? Choosing the best pike lures is just a small piece of the puzzle but it put's you closer to catching a real monster.

We truly hope this guide has given you the information needed to choose the best northern pike lures and that you have managed to choose one our top 10 recommended choices. 

Happy Pike Fishing!

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