10 Best Freediving Watches in 2020 – User Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Watch For Freediving

Freediving is getting more and more popular as the years go on. Head into most dive centers and you see more freediving courses booked up then scuba diving courses. Why? We aren't sure for the exact reason as to why it's getting so popular but maybe people who are avid scuba divers are pushing the boundaries even further and trying to test their limits. 

Freediving is sort of a mixture between scuba diving and snorkelling, you are essentially diving to fairly deep depths with no gear other than your freediving fins, mask and snorkel. You get to stay relatively close to the shore whilst exploring depths you couldn't with no freediving training.  For this you'll want to have the best freediving watch which will allow you to track your dive.

Let's Dive Right In!

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10 Best Freediving Watches

How To Choose A Freediving Watch - Buyers Guide

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Tracking Your Depth

As you dive further under the water you'r essentially putting yourself at greater risk. Of course freediving is inherently more dangerous compared to other sports out there, but with the right training and equipment that danger can be greatly reduced. Using the best watch for freediving allows you to track your dive and keep your mind thinking about your depth and dive time. 

This will ensure you don't get too carried away and end up diving too deep. You can also buy the best watch for freediving which has built in depth and time alarms which you can pre-set before your dive.

Improve Diving Performance With A Freediving Watch 

Wearing a free diving watch tracks your depth and time making you a safer diver and potentially increasing the chances of avoiding a horrible accident. However freediving watches can also be used to confidently track and set goals on your freediving journey. 

For example, let's say on your first 5 dives you average 8m in dive depth and you want to reach the 10m landmark. Well you can use your watch to track and store your dive date to see how fast you can progress up to your goals. 

What Should I Look For In A Dive Computer?

Easy To Understand User Interface

There is nothing more frustrating then being 15m under the water whilst holding your breath and wondering how to even get your watch to display anything you want. The last thing you need is a complicated dive watch when the whole purpose of the freediving watch is to assist you and keep you safe. 

Pick a dive watch which allows you to switch between modes and features quickly and easily whilst underwater. Many of the watches on our list have single or dual button interfaces. 

Another key point related to usability is to select a watch with a bright backlit LCD screen, it will make it so much easier to view your watch in dark water. 

Freediving Watch Storage/Memory

It's important to choose a freediving watch with a decent amount of storage and dive limits before you need to download the information to a PC or mac. Of course this will differ from person to person... Will you likely download your info after every dive or would you wait until all 40 dives are complete then empty the data?

Remember there may be times when you are travelling to go freediving or scuba diving and might not have access to a PC everyday. 

Decompression Limits

Decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis is a common issue that can potentially cause long term damage in scuba divers. It's not as common to get DCS in free divers as they aren't inhaling compressed air. 

However free divers do need to equalize their ears by pinching their nose and blowing gently. The depth you equalize at differs person to person but keeping an eye on your watch and depth gauge will allow you to understand and remind you when to equalize and resurface. 

Freediving Watch Alarms

If possible I would always opt for a freediving watch which has built in safety alarms. Alarms can warn you of dive depth, dive times and the time it's taking you to resurface (to avoid DCS). 

Essentially there is no harm in buying a watch with these built in features as ultimately they are they to protect you from danger. 

Materials and Durability

It's unlikely anyone would spend a good amount of money on a freediving watch if it was only going to last one or two outings in the water. Choosing a watch produced from durable, waterproof and corrosion resistant materials will increase the longevity of the watch. 

Look out for a watertight casing and materials like silicone, stainless steel and aluminium. 


As we said earlier freediving is getting increasing popular across the globe and the importance of remaining safe whilst you are out in the water is extremely important. Having the best watch for freediving will assist you in the water whether it's from a dive tracking and goal setting, safety and just overall dive experience standpoint. 

There is no question that there is something awesome about glancing at your wrist and seeing that you are 30m deep without the need for any breathing equipment! Freediving really get's the adrenaline pumping. 

We believe that any of the best freediving watches on our list will serve you really well whilst on your dives. They are all made from reputable diving brands and have some awesome features. 

Thanks for reading this guide on the best watch for freediving. We really hope it's helped you choose your ideal freediving watch! 

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