Best Rod And Reel Combo For Northern Pike Fishing – Top 7 Picks

Intro Into The Best Rod And Reel Combo For Northern Pike Fishing

Northern pike are one of the most desirable fish to hook in the world. Their size and power make them exciting to catch as they put up a great fight. 

However because of their size, speed and rapid movements in the water they are renown for breaking angling equipment. Making sure you have the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing will both help you hook the beast and make sure your equipment is up to the challenge.  

You don't want to be out there fishing with a small and weak rod. We would always recommend a medium to heavy rod which is long enough for a long distance cast and a reel which has a smooth action and a spool big enough for a good amount of fishing line. 

You also want to consider that northern pike have a set of razor sharp teeth. It's common for them to slice your line with a swift jerk of their head. If you want to land a northern pike you want to make sure you're using strong fishing line.

Finding the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing can be a difficult task, especially with the amount of products that are out on the market today. The team at Water Sporting Adventure has poured hours of research into finding the best of the best rod and reel combos so you can spend less time searching on the internet and more time fishing. 

Best Rod and Reel Combo for Northern Pike Fishing - Top 7

How to choose the best rod and reel combo for fighting northern pike

best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing

Northern pike are hard hitting, strong and fast fish. To successfully go after the northern pike you are going to need to invest in a rod and reel which is powerful enough to fight them.

With that in mind I would always opt for a rod which is rated as a minimum medium-heavy rod with a minimum length of 6-7ft. As well as a powerful rod you will also need a reel with a high drag pressure and fast action. I would also always opt for an open faced reel so it can accommodate heavy line. 

Durability of the rod is important, you want it to last you for years to come. For this I would make sure it is made from corrosion resistant materials like graphite, aluminium reels, stainless steel ball bearings etc. This will allow you to use it in both salt and freshwater. 

Lastly you want to make sure the handle is comfortable and grippy. Most nowadays come with a comfortable EVA handle material which is cushioned allowing you to fight the strongest northern pike for longer. 

Conclusion - Best rod and reel combo for pike 

Choosing the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing is not an easy task, we understand that the sheer number of options out there can soon confuse anyone. Especially when you don't want to be investing in the wrong rod that won't stand up to the job. 

To avoid going wrong, choosing a medium-heavy rod should be adequate for catching northing pike. 

To recap our two favourite best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Medium/Heavy and the PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

As far as best value goes, and by best value we don't necessarily always mean the cheapest option. We believe value goes beyond price. Our best value choice for the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing is the Abu Garcia Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, HeavyOverall this is a fantastic fishing rod which is both very strong and powerful. The large reel will allow you to spool heavy rated monofilament or braided fishing line onto it for going after the biggest northern pike. 

We truly hope that this guide has helped you pick the best fishing rod and reel for northern pike fishing. To go after these monsters you really do have to choose the best possible equipment.

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