Using Glow Sticks For Ice Fishing

Many fishermen have glow sticks as part of their fishing gear, and they use them in order to help attract fish to the baits and to encourage them to bite by simulating feeding hours. They are commonly used in murky or dark waters, where light doesn’t quite get through as much, and the glow stick then acts as a beacon of light to which the fish are drawn. 

However, glow sticks are also very popular for ice fishing, especially when you cast the line to deeper waters, where light doesn’t penetrate as much. Using glow sticks for ice fishing can be a very effective way to draw and guide the fish to your bait so that they bite, and you catch them. 

Using Glow Sticks For Ice Fishing

You might have quite a few questions about these glow sticks and how they work, and how to attach them, and more. We can answer all the basics and more, so let’s get started! 

How to attach a glow stick to float

All glow sticks used for fishing will be completely waterproof, and most of them will also float. You can actually choose between getting glow sticks that float and glow sticks that sink down to the bottom, depending on what you’re aiming to achieve with them and what sort of fishing strategy you are following. 

In order to attach a glow stick to float, you simply attach the glow stick as you usually would, but you make sure it’s a floating one. This way, it should float on the surface, half submerging at times but sticking to the top so that it draws fish out to the bait. 

How to attach a glow stick to a fishing rod

You can attach the glowing stick to whichever part of your fishing gear you need, depending on how you are going about the fishing. If you want to attach a glow stick to the fishing rod, then here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by reeling in the fishing line and setting the rod down, so that you have access to the tip of it. 
  2. Next, crack and shake the fishing glow stick in order to activate the light. 
  3. Place the glow stick at the top of the tip, on the bit without the metal guides where the line runs along the rod. 
  4. Use a small rubber band to secure the glow stick onto the rod. You might have to double it if it is too loose. 
  5. Slide a second rubber band onto the glow stick and rod top, on the other end, so that it is fully secured on both sides. 
  6. Test out the casting motion to check whether the glow stick remains securely in position or not. If it doesn’t, use more rubber bands to secure it better. If it does, then it’s all set and ready to be used!  

How to attach a glow stick to a fishing line

Attaching a glow stick to your fishing line can be a highly effective way of drawing out fish to the bait, especially at night, during the winter, or in low light conditions. Glow sticks come in all sorts of different colors and sizes, and you can find them for pretty cheap too.

Plus, they are super easy to use. You just snap them to activate the light, and then you secure them onto the fishing gear of your choosing. 

If you want to attach a glow stick onto the fishing line, then here are the steps you need to follow to do so: 

  1. To begin, slop two opaque plastic adaptors onto the mainline. These adaptors are small tubes that are used for turning glow sticks into bracelets and necklaces, so they can help secure them around the fishing line too. Usually, these will come included in the package of glow sticks, but check the label beforehand just in case you have to buy them separately!
  2. Next, rig the end of the mainline for fishing with either live bait, chopped bait, or artificial lures, by tying them on with a clinch knot. 
  3. Place the two plastic adaptors at the desired spot on the mainline, then slide them apart to the length of the glow stick. 
  4. Before inserting the glow stick into place, bend and shake it so that the glowing light is activated (you won’t be able to do this once you have attached it onto the line). 
  5. Insert each end of the glow stick into the top and bottom adaptors, and press them together to adjust the fit until secure. The glow stick should now be attached to the main fishing line. 
  6. You can adjust the glow stick to different positions along the fishing line by pulling apart the adaptors, sliding them, and then re-adjusting them until secure. 
  7. You can also attach a float to the mainline above the glow stick if you want to help mark the position of it in the water during the night, for visibility. 
  8. Before you cast the line, double-check that the glow stick is completely secure and that it won’t come off with the movement. Otherwise, you’ll lose it in the water! 

How to make LED Glow Sticks for Fishing

Having a fishing light glow stick can really help you turn the night around so that it is successful, and you actually catch fish. During the winter season, at night, or in low light conditions, having a glow stick can be the best way to draw out fish towards the bait. 

But what if you don’t want to spend money to get one? Is there a more affordable option?

The answer is yes: you can DIY (do it yourself).

But how do you make your own LED glow stick for fishing? 

With the method we’re going to show you, making your light should cost you around $15 or less, which is way cheaper than buying a fishing light.

You’ll need some waterproof LED lights, which you can find very easily and which are available in different colors and sizes, and you’ll also need some PVC tubes, which are also pretty affordable. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by drilling a hole into the cap, and putting wire through it, as a way to be able to secure it. Fill the cap with silicone so that everything stays steady. 
  2. Next, drill a small hole into the PVC tube, through which you will run the light wire.
  3. Solder the light wires together, and then fill the PVC tube with silicone so that the wires stay in place. 
  4. Wrap the LED lights around the PVC tube, so that they completely cover it. You can use superglue to secure these lights in place. 
  5. Once everything is secured, you should be able to plug in the wire, in order to power up the LED lights, and have them work. 
  6. Optional: you can also insert sinkers into the PVC tube in order to have the light sink on one side or the other, depending on how you want it to work in the water! 

What happens when you put a glow stick in cold water?

Glow sticks work through a chemical reaction, and the temperature of the water can affect this. 

In cold water, the chemical reaction is slowed down. This means that the light from the glow stick won’t be as bright, but it will last a lot longer as it reacts slower and therefore won’t burn out as quickly. 

In hot water, on the other hand, it would shine brighter but be over faster. 

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