Best Inflatable Paddle Board – Our Picks & How To Choose?

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the best inflatable paddle board for your next adventure.

With the sheer number of sizes, weights, brands, and additional features to choose from, it’s easy to worry about where you might go wrong with a purchase when all you should be worrying about is the weather on the day of your paddleboarding adventure. 

The last thing we want is for somebody to purchase a stand-up paddle board and be unhappy with their choice, only to buy another one a few weeks later – costing more money and wasting more time. 

That’s exactly why we have put together this resource which includes our top picks for the best inflatable paddleboard and buyers guide so you can fully understand the different features that need to be considered throughout the buying process. 

The Best Inflatable Paddle Board at a Glance

Inflatable SUP Reviews:

Best Inflatable Paddle Board
Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board With Accessories Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board With Accessories

The first inflatable paddleboard is a great choice for any beginner or experienced paddler ait includes all of the accessories you need to head straight out on the water.

With an extra-wide design, this SUP board is extremely stable and wide enough to use your board for SUP yoga whilst still keeping a sleek and streamlined design that allows you to efficiently maneuver the SUP through the water.

This paddleboard is produced from durable and lightweight military-grade PVC which DuraWeld seams which protects the board from punctures and tears when up against rough terrain whilst entering at the water's edge.

The ROC paddle board rolls up to about 10" in diameter and conveniently fits into the included backpack for easy transportation.

Overall, we think this is an excellent choice of inflatable paddle board for anyone just starting out or an experienced paddler looking for a lightweight and easy to transport option.


Length: 10ft Width: 32"

Thickness: 6". Weight: 17.5lbs


04/04/2023 01:14 pm GMT
Next Best Inflatable Paddle Board
Awesafe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Awesafe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Another fantastic stand-up paddleboard option (which almost made our top pick) is a highly reviewed SUP board from Awesafe.

The first thing that we love is the design of the paddle board, with 3 fins attached to the bottom which greatly help with tracking and maneuverability in the water. As well as the handy bungee rigging system at the front of the board which is useful for keeping hold of any valuables and refreshments you want to take on the water with you (make sure you use a dry bag!).

The deck features a soft non-slip EVA foam deck pad which improves comfort and stability while standing.

This product comes with all of the accessories you need to get straight on the water, as well as a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee against damages (get a brand new board, not a repair).


Length: 10ft Width: 32"

Thickness: 6" Weight: 17.2lbs

Capacity: 320lbs

04/04/2023 06:57 pm GMT
Best Inflatable Paddle Board For Kids & Teens
DAMA Youth 10' Inflatable Paddle Board DAMA Youth 10' Inflatable Paddle Board

This particular paddle board has been designed with kids and teens in mind, however, it still remains a great choice for adults (up to 210lbs) who want a smaller and more compact inflatable SUP.

Produced from military-grade PVC, this paddle board is durable and you won't have to overly worry about the rocks under the water whilst getting on the board.

The grip handle and steel D rings make this paddle board super easy to carry and handle. The D rings can also be used to tie your kid's board to your own so you don't have to worry about them wandering too far away.

With a thick, soft, and anti-slip EVA deck combined with a wide base, this paddle board is super stable and easy to use for first-timers.

DAMA has full confidence in the build quality of their boards and therefore has provided a 1-years full warranty against damages with your purchase.


Length: 10ft Width: 30"

Thickness: 4" Weight: 16.5lbs

Capacity: 210lbs

04/04/2023 02:25 pm GMT
Best Value Inflatable Paddle Board

Our best value pick is this paddleboard by Feath-R-Lite, not only because it can be purchased at a great price, but because it also comes with everything you need to head straight out on the water.

It is built from high-quality PVC, with an extra layer of board rails which helps the board to maintain a rigid shape, which increases the boards' durability and helps the inflatable paddleboard perform like a traditional hard-board in the water.

It features a large anti-slip deck mat to increase grip and stability when wet, a carry handle that makes transporting the board to the water simple, and a bungee chord rigging system at the front of the deck for any items you want to strap to the board.


Length: 10ft Width: 30"

Thickness: 6" Weight: 17.6lbs

Capacity: 220lbs

04/04/2023 08:18 pm GMT
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board With Seat
FunWater Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board With Seat FunWater Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board With Seat

This inflatable stand up paddle board from Fun Water also features a kayak seat which can be used to sit down and relax whilst on longer excursions.

One thing worth mentioning when purchasing a SUP board with a seat is that this is not what they were designed for and you can't expect the same level of comfort you would get from an inflatable kayak. But, it is a great option if you think you might need one.

Produced from durable PVC, this SUP is built to last you a long time. It also features a comfy, non-slip deck which improves your grip and stability on the board.

As well as the seat, this product also comes with all of the other accessories you need to head straight out on the water when it arrives.

With a sleek and streamlined design, this inflatable paddle board can smoothly and efficiently glide across the water, reducing the time it takes for you to become fatigued.


Length: 10ft Width: 31"

Thickness: 6" Weight: 17.6lbs

Capacity: 350lbs

02/18/2024 02:14 am GMT

How to choose the best inflatable paddle board – Buyers Guide

best inflatable paddle board


One of the main questions anyone buying an inflatable paddleboard for the first time is, how durable will my paddleboard be? Will, it burst straight away?

Whilst we inherently suspect that anything inflatable is cheap and can be easily ‘popped’.

 All well-made inflatable water sports products, whether it be an inflatable kayak or paddle-board are usually made from high-quality military grade materials.

All of the iSUP’s on our list are made from high-quality PVC. With 2,3 or 4 layers which make it resistant to punctures and scrapes.

Another point worth mentioning is that inflatable boards can take more of a ‘beating’ than traditional fiberglass boards.

Fiberglass boards can not compact and absorb the knocks against rocks and structures like an inflatable paddle board can.

This causes the fiberglass or wooden boards to chip and crack whereas a PVC board will just compress and withstand the damage. 


One of the main benefits of buying an inflatable SUP online is that they usually come with everything that you need to head straight out on the water. 

Some of the most common accessories include A carry bag, an Aluminum paddle (although better quality SUP paddles can be bought separately), an ankle leash, and a pump to inflate your board. 

Size and weight of the board  

The size and weight of your paddle board can be dependant on what you plan on using it for.

Yoga SUP’s are usually wider and more stable with a larger deck area.

Whilst touring paddleboards can be slightly more streamlined to allow for better efficiency in the water for longer day trips.

Most inflatable SUPs range from 9-11ft in length, 29-33″ in width, and weigh 16-22lbs. Youth and teen SUP boards are slightly smaller in all dimensions and tend to have less load capacity. 


One of the main benefits of getting an inflatable paddleboard over a traditional hard-board is the portability and ease of transportation. 

You can roll up your iSUP and throw it in your trunk instead of messing around with roof racks and trailers. 

Even getting your board from your car to the water’s edge is a whole lot easier.

If you are blowing it up at the edge of the water, then using the included carry backpack, you can pretty much hike with your iSUP anywhere you want.

If you want to blow the board up near your car, they are lightweight enough to carry them solo or with a friend to the water. If you have carried a hard-board before you’ll know exactly how tough they can be to transport. 

Inflatable Paddle Board FAQs

inflatable stand up paddle board

Are inflatable paddle boards good for beginners?

Yes! Inflatable paddleboards are a great choice for beginners looking to head out on the water for the first time.

In many ways, inflatable paddle boards are more stable and easier to use than traditional fiberglass boards. 

Another great thing for beginners is the cost of an inflatable board. A hard-board can easily cost upwards of $1000. Whereas most inflatable boards are priced between $200-$400, which is awesome if you are just starting out with the sport. 

Is it OK to leave an Inflatable SUP inflated?

It is Ok to leave your board inflated but it has to be stored properly and away from the elements.

Make sure you store your board somewhere dry and out of the sunlight as UV can damage the PVC and other materials the board is produced from. 

Also, understand that your board will lose small amounts of air over time. So the next time you head out on the water it’s still a good idea to inflate your board back up to the required pressure for optimum performance. 

It is OK, but ideally, you would dry and clean your board and then pack it away in its carry board for your next use. 

How long do inflatable stand up paddle boards last?

The length of time your inflatable stand up paddleboard lasts is proportional to how well you look after it.

Many boards will last for at least 5 years and many more if they are well looked after. Multi-layer PVC boards will be more durable and long-lasting than single layer SUP boards. 

A long warranty shows that the manufacturer has confidence in the lifespan of your board, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for this. 

Are inflatable or hard paddle boards better?

It really depends on your skill level and uses. Hard boards offer better performance, are more agile and efficient in the water.

But they are heavier, harder to transport and are more expensive. We prefer inflatable boards as they are easier for your average person to use and transport. 

It’s not as common nowadays to see someone on a hard SUP unless they are well experienced or are using it for surfing. 

Can you put a dog on an inflatable paddle board?

You can put a dog on an inflatable paddleboard. SUP boards are very durable and the PVC material is tear and scratch-resistant.

It’s very unlikely that your dogs claws will do damage to your Inflatable SUP. 

Please do keep in mind that your dog is likely to need training before they are comfortable on a SUP before they can head out on longer trips with you.

But, the hard work and persistence are worth it! Few things are more enjoyable than being able to take your four-legged friend on an awesome adventure with you. 

How do you care for an inflatable paddle board?

To prevent unnecessary wear be sure to wash and dry the board with fresh water after each use, especially if you have been using your inflatable SUP in saltwater.

If you have dirt and grime on the board, you can scrub it with soap and warm water. Make sure to not store the board in a sunny area as UV light can degrade the PVC material and weaken your seams.

Ideally, once the board has been washed and dried, you should roll it back up and store it inside the travel bag in a dry area. 

Is sup good exercise?

Yes! Stand up paddleboarding is an excellent exercise. You will get a full-body workout whilst on your board.

The action of keeping your balance and trying to remain stable will provide an excellent workout for your core and leg muscles. And the action of paddling is a great workout for your upper body and arms. 

Do you wear shoes when paddle boarding?

There is no need to wear shoes like trainers or sneakers whilst paddle boarding. Most boards will include a soft EVA foam surface on the deck which provides lots of grip to your bare feet whilst wet.

If you don’t like being barefoot in the water, then a good pair of water shoes or boating shoes will help you retain a grip on your board. 


Choosing the best inflatable paddle board for your next adventure isn’t always a straightforward task.

We know how hard it can be to sift through hundreds of different options, materials, lengths, prices etc. that are present on the market. 

The team at prides itself on being able to help people make faster and better-informed decisions so they can spend more time outdoors and on the water and less time behind a screen struggling to make a decision. 

We truly hope that this guide has helped you choose a new inflatable stand up paddleboard and gave you an insight into the various features you should consider before purchasing one. 

Happy SUP’ing!

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