Best Wakeboard Ropes & Handles For 2024

Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider stands on a wakeboard and is propelled forward by a boat or a jet-ski.

It is a fun sport full of excitement and adrenaline – It’s fair to say, it’s understandable why the sport is growing in popularity every year!

Wakeboarding is done at incredible speed and the rider can perform mid-air tricks such as jumping and doing flips in the air.

The equipment required to wakeboard is simple; you just need a wakeboard, a boat, and a rider.

However, you also need the best wakeboard rope to pull you forward and no simple rope or cable can do the job.

Wakeboarding Ropes are uniquely designed that allows you to generate the force needed to perform the tricks and be pulled at high speeds, but how do we select the best wakeboard rope?

Below we will be discussing the different types of wakeboard ropes that are available in the market and how you can find the perfect pick for yourself.

Wakeboarding Ropes at a Glance:

7 Best Wakeboard Ropes

Best Wakeboard Rope
1. Airhead Dyneema Thermal Best Wakeboard Rope 1. Airhead Dyneema Thermal Best Wakeboard Rope

The Airhead Dyneema Thermal Wakeboard Rope offers zero stretch which allows the rider to perform well regardless of their speed and experience level in the water. The zero stretch also makes the wakeboard rope ultra-responsive which is great for navigating sharp corners and choppy wakes.

The Dyneema line is stiff and rigid and it has a thermal coating that boasts about 2000 lbs of break strength, in other words, it's unlikely to ever break on you.

It is 70 foot long including a 5-foot handle and 4 sections mainline. This rope is equipped with a 15 inch wide EVA grip, 2 foam floats, and PVC tubing that offers added durability.

Key Features

  • PVC tubing which is durable (2000lbs of break strength)
  • Zero stretch
  • EVA grip provides smooth handling
  • Includes a rope keeper that provides storage free of tangles
04/04/2023 03:46 pm GMT
Next Best Wakeboard Rope
2. AIRHEAD Wakeboard Rope With Phat Grip, Trick Handle, 2. AIRHEAD Wakeboard Rope With Phat Grip, Trick Handle,

Another one of our top recommendations for the best wakeboard rope comes from Airhead.

The Airhead Wakeboard Rope with 15 inches Phat grip handle offers professional wakeboard rope quality at an affordable price. The 15 inches double-density EVA Phat Grip handle provides a strong grip for an excellent performance.

It also comes with a high strength aluminum core, 4 inches of finger protectors, and foam floats.

It is also equipped with a 6 inches aluminum handle covered with TPR which gives extra leverage to perform tricks and spins. The low stretch 16-strands and 30-filament rope is ultra-responsive whilst wakeboarding and provides excellent strength.

Key Features

  • Includes EVA Phat grip handle
  • TPR covered aluminum handle
  • Includes a rope keeper that provides easy storage
04/04/2023 08:54 pm GMT
Best Budget Option
3. Obcursco Wakeboard Rope 3. Obcursco Wakeboard Rope

The Obcursco Wakeboard Rope is ideal for different types of water sports such as water ski, wakeboard, and kneeboard.

The 15-inch wakeboard has a double density cover that provides excellent performance with a super-strong grip. It also includes a 6-inch aluminum handle which is covered with TPR that provides extra strong grip even whilst soaking wet.

This wakeboard rope has a PVC bridle that is covered with flexible vinyl that protects against abrasion and it is a strong rope that has 16-strands and 30-filaments that provides a maximum tensile force of 2200 lbs.

Key Features

  • Provides superior grip with 15-inch double density EVA cover
  • PVC bridle covered with flexible vinyl for protection
  • A rope keeper is also included for storage
04/04/2023 09:46 pm GMT
4. AIRHEAD Bling Stealth Wakeboard Rope 4. AIRHEAD Bling Stealth Wakeboard Rope

The Airhead Stealth Wakeboard Rope features a blinged-out rope that sparkles when it’s exposed to the sun and glows in low light providing easy retrieval with an attractive design.

This 75 inches wakeboard rope has 5 take-off sections including an EVA grip for stronghold and finger protectors as well.

The handle has an aluminum core which makes it lightweight but durable. The bling series ropes are made of reflective material with high-quality polypropylene.

Key Features

  • The handle has an EVA grip that provides a stronghold
  • Includes 5 take-off sections
  • Also includes a rope keeper for storage
  • Reflective rope design
04/04/2023 05:47 pm GMT
5. Adealistic Ultimate Knotted Wakeboarding/WakeSurf Rope with Handle 5. Adealistic Ultimate Knotted Wakeboarding/WakeSurf Rope with Handle

The Adealistic Ultimate Wakeboard Rope is a multi-purpose rope that can be used for many water sports such as wake surfing, wakeboarding, water ski, kneeboarding, and wakeskating.

This wakeboard rope is made of premium high-quality material polyethylene and it is available in bright colors that help in easy retrieval.

It includes a 16-strands rope that is UV treated offering durability and has a break strength of 1600 lbs.

The 12 inches textured handle grip is comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy with a covering of high-density EV for a strong grip. 

Key Features

  • It has a 12-inch handle with a high-density EV grip
  • Available in bright colors
  • Ideal for multiple water sports
  • 1600lb break strength
04/04/2023 02:25 pm GMT
6. AIRHEAD Spectra Wakeboard Rope 6. AIRHEAD Spectra Wakeboard Rope

The last (but not least) wakeboard rope on our list is another from Airhead, whilst it's still packed full of features and is actually a 'premium' rope, it never made our top spot due to the price range it sits in. If the price isn't an obstacle for you, then this could be a great choice.

The Airhead Spectra Wakeboard Rope provides zero stretch with a quick and crisp response. This wakeboard rope is 70 feet with 3 take-offs in the mainline and 5-foot handle bridle.

The spectra line is thermally coated and it is stiff and rigid that is designed to resist twisting and kinking with a break strength of 2000 lbs. It includes a poly-E fusion jacket that protects the core of spectra. It is a durable product that gives better control when you’re performing tricks and turns.

Key Features

  • It is Spectra coated for durability
  • It has a 15 inch EVA handle that provides a strong grip
  • 2000lb break strength
02/17/2024 06:27 pm GMT
7. SEACHOICE Wakeboard Rope 7. SEACHOICE Wakeboard Rope

Seachoice is a premium quality brand that produces water sports products; one of its best wakeboard ropes is this Seachoice Wakeboard Rope which effectively delivers what it offers.

This wakeboard rope has a 15-inch handle with a textured EVA grip that gives you a strong hold even if it’s wet. It is easy to retrieve as well as it can float on the water. It is equipped with a coating that protects it from the harmful effects of UV light. It has a 16-strand hollow braid rope made of polypropylene material that resists rotting. 

Key Features

  • It has a 15-inch handle with an EVA grip
  • Easy to retrieve as it can float on the water
  • Comes with a rope keeper
04/04/2023 07:26 pm GMT

How to choose the best wakeboard rope – Buyers Guide 

wakeboarding rope

When choosing the best wakeboarding rope for your wakeboarding adventure, your personal preference will be key in deciding which one you go for.

Many wakeboarders don’t pay attention to the quality of the wakeboard rope, it is important that you buy a rope that has zero stretch and a comfortable handle, it is best to know about some of its specifications so you can easily decide which ones the best rope for you according to your needs.

To choose a wakeboard rope you may consider a few things, let’s discuss them below.


A quality wakeboard rope is made of non-stretch material that ranges from 55 to 75 plus feet.

The length you choose depends on your personal preference, your experience level, and boat wake.

It is important to select the right length that shouldn’t be too long or too short. As a beginner you just need a short length as you will first learn to jump, you can start by using a 65 feet rope.

And as you gain some experience in wakeboarding, you will know what length suits you best and increase the length as you advance, a longer rope will generate more speed and allow you to spend more time in the air.


The wakeboarding ropes and handles are designed with different materials and you should choose the one that has no-stretch as it should maintain the same length while you’re wakeboarding.

The materials used are different in performance as well, ropes that are designed with Spectra have zero-stretch, it is superlightweight, durable and floats on the water as well.

Poly Ropes are beginner-friendly and not for an advanced wakeboarder, it is inexpensive but it stretches when it’s in use. Dyneema ropes are really strong and come with UV protection; they are strong and have a lightweight.


When you’re selecting a wakeboard rope, it is recommended that you choose a rope that is a no-stretch rope. What does it mean?

Well, it means that when you are wakeboarding the length of the rope remains the same length and does not stretch.

A stretchy rope is definitely not recommended as you will have difficulty controlling the rope and the rope will not allow you to perform tricks, and turn as well as you are used to.


Handles are an important feature to consider when it comes to choosing the best wakeboard rope; the handles should be comfortable, light in weight, and durable.

The handles are made of different materials, they should be ergonomically designed with a strong grip and be light and comfortable at the same time. Handles are made of EVA, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

The handles also feature texture to provide a strong grip. The diameter of the handle should be small for women and kids or people with small hands and the large diameter grip will be best for men or people with large hands.

Wakeboarding vs Wake-surfing

best wakeboard rope

The most distinguishing way wakeboarding is different from wakesurfing is the way a person is propelled forward in the water. While wakeboarding, the rider holds on to the rope and is pulled by a boat or a jet-ski the entire time on the water.

When you’re wakesurfing the rider starts out first by holding onto a rope and then later releases it at some point and rides a wave generated by the boat.

Wakesurfing allows the riders to immediately find a wave, surfers prefer this sport as the waves are created continuously by the strong movement of the boat towing the surfer and they can surf all day long.

While wakesurfing, the boat drives slow at 10-12 mph. When you’re wakeboarding, you hold on to a handle and get up to the speed of the boat, which is often much faster.

You ride on the wakeboard by drawing lines across the boat wake while jumping from one side to the other. As you’re being pulled by the boat the whole time, the boat drives faster at around 15 – 30 mph.

You should never use a wave surf rope for wakeboarding, the rope is cheaper but it’s not worth the risk. You should buy ropes that are specifically made for each water sport.

Best Wakeboard Rope – Conclusion

The best wakeboard rope and handle is an essential to buy when you want to go for a wakeboarding adventure.

Wakeboard ropes and handles carry the weight of the rider and allow you to perform many fun tricks in the water effortlessly while providing you with comfort and safety at the same time.

You must choose the best option that is suitable to you according to your needs and skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider; this guide will assist you as it includes all the details that you must know.

I hope we have helped you decide which product is right for you and you are able to easily pick the best, durable, light, and quality product. Have an amazing wakeboard adventure!

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