Best Underwater Flashlight For Diving In 2020

There are more than 6 million active scuba divers around the world. Which means that there is definitely a huge number of people who enjoy observing sea life. But sadly, just a few meters down there everything can get dull and dark due to the lack of light.

If you want to enjoy a full spectrum of colours down there and see what everything actually looks like, get yourself an underwater flashlight. This would not only make the beautiful marine life more colorful but will also ensure your safety on dives.

Let’s have a look at the Best Underwater Flashlights:


If you've been researching underwater dive flashlights, it's likely you've come across this one by VOLADOR several times - and for good reason. Made to last and bright enough to light up the darkest waters, this flashlight is loved my scuba divers all over the world and that's why it deserves our editors choice. 

If you're serious about scuba diving and want the best flashlight to go with your diving gear, then this is the one. 


  • Waterproof to a depth of 100m
  • Constructed from military grade Aluminium - great corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • 3100 lumens
  • Has a lighting distance up to 236m of water
  • No cons with this underwater flashlight

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Another underwater flashlight from the popular brand VOLADOR. VOLADOR flashlights are popular for their brightness and intensity. This one can offer brightness up to 2000 lumens and can be taken 150m underwater - that's why we feel it deserves the spot of our top pick. 

Ideal for deep sea divers, this flashlight offers a strong beam of light capable of lighting up the darkest waters. 


  • Waterproof to a depth of 150m
  • Constructed from military grade Aluminium - great corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • 2000 lumes
  • The LED bulb in the torch has a life 50,000 hours
  • If you're not diving over 100m+ then our editors choice might be a better scuba flashlight for your needs

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The L2 is an upgrade of its predecessor. It's upgrade brings better performance underwater allowing you to scuba dive with the full beam on for longer periods of time. You can easily switch between full and half power to extend the battery life. The heat sink is made of an Aluminium alloy called Hydralum­­. Hydralum­ is specially formulated to resist corrosion from salt water, preserving the efficiency of your light. 


  • Provides great brightness with 900 lumens on high and 400 lumens on low
  • concentrates 90% of the beam in the centre
  • Great battery life
  • Not as bright as other models in the same price range

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This ORCATORCH D560 can be firmly clasped to a dive mask or held in a hand easily. It might look tiny in size but don’t let its size fool you. It produces a strong beam of light and has a good battery as well.


  • D560 is the ideal flashlight for backup and emergencies
  • D560 is just 92 mm long and weighs 47.5g
  • You can equip this flashlight with the mask clip and enjoy a 360-degree rotation
  • Depth of 150m underwater
  • A bit too small for a primary dive light. Great for a secondary light though.

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BlueFire flashlight is one of the best ones for beginners. I purchased it for its bright light, long battery life and rugged built.

It was my first pick also due to the price tag it had because as a beginner, we tend to opt for budget friendly options. However, let me tell you that the feel of this flashlight and its 


  • Very Affordable
  • The construction of the flashlight is similar to higher end dive flashlights
  • The flashlight offers a maximum of 3 working modes and 2 brightness levels and a strobe light
  • A lanyard and hand strap comes with the flashlight
  • Might not give the best performance on very deep dives

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How to Choose a Diving Light?

Choosing diving lights is not a very difficult task but it can be tricky if you do not look into the technicalities. There are two very important things while choosing a diving light: The beam and The beam angle.

The Beam: The most important part of the light is its beam. The beam must be concentrated in the centre and must not be too wide. A wide beam will reflect in the diver’s eyes decreasing the visibility. A beam that is 70% to 90% concentrated in the centre is said to be good.

Beam Angle: Beam Angle defines the purpose of your light. If you need to look into dark spots or venture into murky waters a tight beam will be appropriate. If the waters are clear and you need to get a broader view then a wide beam will suffice.

The Difference Between Primary and Secondary Lights

A simple thing to know as a diver is that you need to carry two or more lights when you are diving into a much deeper spot. One of them should be a primary diving light and the other, a secondary one.

  • Primary Diving light: The primary Diving light is brighter, more durable and has a longer battery life. It is the diving light mainly used for your diving adventure.
  • Secondary Diving light:  It is a compact light mostly used for backups. The smaller size and a narrower beam serves you good in case of emergencies.



Flashlights are a vital part of your diving journey. Choosing the right flashlight will enhance your experience and also ensure greater safety. Don’t just go for a more affordable light. Make a smart choice and choose a flashlight that does it all for you.

The way we see it, VOLADOR 3 CREE Suba Diving Flashlight seems like a promising one.  It not only provides greater brightness but also lasts a good amount of time. It covers a very long range and is sturdy enough to stand the pressure deep underwater.

For all the beginners, this can be a great kick start to their diving journey.