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7 Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines For Baitcasting & Spinning

Anyone who is serious about fishing knows how important selecting the right line is. There are many options available and all have their own advantages for different fishing situations.

Competitive anglers quickly realized that fluorocarbon fishing line is one of the best line choices, especially when going after ‘shy’ fish who are often put off by bright fishing lines.

Fluorocarbon lines used to be classed as premium and much more expensive than the alternatives, however in recent years the price of the best fluorocarbon fishing lines has dropped, and now recreational and hobbyist anglers can get in on the action.

Throughout this post, we will take a look at our recommendations for the best fluorocarbon fishing line and why you should consider it over the more commonly chosen mono and braid counterparts. 

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Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Reviews

Best Fluorocarbon Line
Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Our top pick for the best fluorocarbon line goes to Berkley and their Trilene line. It has been the go-to choice of line for many anglers over the last few years now, and it appears to be keeping the crown.

It is a super strong line that is shock and abrasion resistant making it ideal for anyone who is fishing amongst sharp rocks and other obstacles.

The 100% fluorocarbon construction makes this line almost invisible in the water, making it ideal for going after fish with strong eyesight like trout, bass, and pike.

The 100% PVDF formula has been specially processed for optimal impact strength when receiving strikes from big game fish and for greater density, so the line sinks fast and remains highly sensitive.

Overall, this is a great fluorocarbon fishing line, which can be used as the mainline or leader line, and we thoroughly believe that it deserves a spot in every anglers tackle bag.

Yardage: Ranges from 110 to 2000 yards

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 4lbs to 25lbs

12/05/2021 12:56 am GMT

Best Mainline Fluorocarbon Line
Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line

Another Fluorocarbon fishing line from Berkley is the Vanish Fluoro line which can be used as a mainline or leader. Although many anglers are now completely switching out their mono spools for a Vanish mainline.

Berkley first introduced the Vanish fluoro lines 15 years ago, and have since been adapting the formula year on year to perfect this fishing line, which has made it one of the most sold lines in the US and Canada.

Berkley claim this line is 'easy-casting' due to its smooth and round exterior which allows it to smoothly flow through your rod guides and off your reel.

The 100% fluorocarbon line formula makes it virtually invisible in the water. With a high density and small line diameter, it sinks fast in the water and remains highly sensitive from rod tip to lure giving you direct feedback on all bites.

Some anglers complain that fluoro lines can feel 'stiff'. Vanish aims to fix this problem by remaining extremely flexible both in and out of the water, leading to better casting ability and easy knot tying.

Yardage: Ranges from 110 to 2000 yards

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 6 to 60lbs.

Best Freshwater Fluorocarbon Line
Seaguar Red Label 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Seaguar Red Label 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

If you are looking for an excellent fluorocarbon mainline for freshwater fishing, then the Seaguar red label could be the choice for you. It not only offers the same performance as other high-end fluoro lines, but it also comes at a very fair price that every angler can appreciate.

It is produced from 100% fluorocarbon and therefore offers extremely low visibility in the water.

With high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, this line is ideal for going after larger game fish and for casting around sharp structures like rocks and trees without worrying that your line will snag and break on every cast.

Seaguar claims that the red label has a 30% higher knot strength than other brands, this claim is backed up by thousands of positive customer reviews which also testify to the strength of their knots. This is largely due to the high density build, whilst keeping a small line diameter.

Yardage: 200 yards per spool

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 4 to 20lbs.

12/05/2021 12:33 am GMT

Best Value Fluorocarbon Line
KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line - 100% Pure Fluorocarbon Coated KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line - 100% Pure Fluorocarbon Coated

Fluorokote is 'invisible' in the water which can greatly increase your chances of getting a bite when you after going after 'shy' fish that avoid easily seen lines. You shouldn't have any issue casting around rocks and structures with this fishing line due to its superior strength and abrasion resistance.

Many customer reviews mentioned that the fluorokote is incredibly strong and also has the ability to tie super-strong knots. This is because of the low memory and small diameter of the line. Some people even say that the hook will bend before the knot snaps!

The smaller diameter will allow you to put more line yardage onto your spool so you won't necessarily only have to use this fluoro line as a leader, but rather fill up your whole spool.

We think that this is a great value option for anyone who wants to use fluorocarbon mainlines, as you can easily get enough yardage to fill your reel without breaking the bank.

Yardage: 150 or 300 yards.

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 4 to 30lbs.

12/05/2021 12:34 am GMT

Best Co-polymer Fluorocarbon Line
RUNCL PowerFluoro Fluorocarbon Fishing Line RUNCL PowerFluoro Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

PowerFluoro is unlike other 100% fluoro lines, it does have a 100% fluorocarbon coating, but the interior of the line is a co-polymer core.

The coating provides all the benefits of fluorocarbon fishing line, for example, shock strength, abrasion resistance, impact strength, and reduced visibility whilst the co-polymer core adds flexibility, knot strength, and reduced memory.

Features high-density construction with non-absorbency (it won't freeze, which makes it great for ice fishing), helps to sink faster than monofilament of the same diameter, and allows lures/bait to rapidly reach the desired trolling depth of the fish.

One of the things we love about this line is the uniform diameter and low stretch, which creates a highly sensitive line that allows you to feel even the smallest of bites.

Yardage: Ranges from 300 to 1000 yards

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 5 to 32lbs

12/05/2021 01:18 am GMT

Best Fluorocarbon Line For Heavy Cover
Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Another great line to make our list and one that is quickly rising in popularity is the FC Sniper Sunline fluorocarbon fishing line. It is 100% fluorocarbon and therefore is virtually invisible when in the water.

There is a wide range of options to choose from with the low pound test lines being ideal for techniques like drop shotting and the stronger lines are fantastic for fishing worms, jigs, and heavier rigs.

We believe it is the best fluoro line when it comes to fishing amongst heavy cover and around sharp structures like rocks and trees. No one wants to cast their line, get it snagged, and for it to snap and lose all your entire set up.

It gets its high abrasion resistance from featuring a triple resin coating, which not only makes it much stronger but also reduces line memory and creates a more uniform diameter.

Yardage: Ranges from 165 to 1200 yards

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 5 to 20lbs.

12/05/2021 12:43 am GMT

Least Visible Fluorocarbon Line
Seaguar Invizx 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Seaguar Invizx 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Whilst almost all 100% fluorocarbon lines are practically invisible in the water, this particular line from Seaguar has more raving reviews about line invisibility than any other fluoro line we have discovered.

Why? It could be due to the fact that this line uses 100% Seaguar resins and their very own proprietary extrusion process. And most angles know just how quality Seaguar's products can be.

Seaguar claims that this line has 42% more knot strength than leading fluorocarbon fishing line competitors. This is likely due to the soft and supple nature of Invizx. Experienced anglers will be familiar with fluoro lines that are hard to handle and tie knots with - this is avoided with Invizx.

Overall, this is another great choice for anyone looking to swap out their old mono lines for fluorocarbon.

Yardage: 200, 600, and 1000 yards

Color: Clear

Break Strength: Ranges from 4 to 25lbs.

12/05/2021 02:56 am GMT

Why and when you should be fishing with fluorocarbon fishing line?

best fluorocarbon line with fish

The main reason anglers opt to use fluorocarbon is the fact that it has the same light refraction properties as water meaning it is almost invisible to the fish.

This is an especially important factor to take into consideration when fishing in noticeably clear water or when looking to catch wary fish.

Another advantage of using this type of line is that it has exceptionally low stretch properties compared to monofilament.

If the angler needs to set the hook when using a monofilament line at distance it will prove trickier as this type of line will stretch considerably before enough exertion is placed on the hook to drive it home.

The low stretch property of fluorocarbon means that once the angler strikes, contact is made with the hook very quickly enabling the hook to be set easier and quicker.

As the molecules that go into the construction of fluorocarbon are more tightly packed than in monofilament lines, it also makes it much more sensitive enabling the angler to detect what is happening at the end of the line far easier, such as feeling for tentative bites or detecting when the lure is bouncing off the bottom.

Fluorocarbon is extremely tough which makes it more abrasion resistant compared to other lines which can be advantageous when working lures through snaggy areas such as weed beds and over rough ground.

The other added benefit of its toughness is that the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays do no damage at all to this line, whereas nylon lines are weakened over time by UV.

So… What are the drawbacks of using fluorocarbon line?

Although there are advantages of using fluorocarbon, there are also some drawbacks that need to be considered.

One point that the angler should take into consideration when using fluorocarbon is the fact that it is not as well equipped to withstand sudden impacts as monofilament due to it having little to no stretch.

This could cause a problem such as a broken line if a large fish suddenly dives, so fishing with a slightly looser drag could help compensate for the lack of stretch.

It is important that the angler takes into consideration the type of lure or bait that is to be used when deciding whether to use fluorocarbon or not.

Fluorocarbon sinks considerably faster than monofilament, so it is not suitable when using topwater lures or when the angler wants to fish a floating bait such as bread crust.

If the angler wants to get a weightless lure down deeper and quicker or to pin a bait hard on the bottom fluorocarbon is a perfect choice.

It is also important that the angler is very careful when tying knots with fluorocarbon as slippage and line damage can occur.

Good knot tying skills are needed to prevent any line breakage. The best knot to use for tying a swivel or hook is the Palomar knot which is extremely easy to tie.

When tying fluorocarbon to a monofilament or braided line a tried and tested knot is the Double Uni Knot. To prevent friction damage when tightening the knot it is important to ensure the line is moist.

Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line FAQs

fluorocarbon fishing line on baitcaster reel

Why is fluorocarbon more expensive than a monofilament line?

It is all down to the materials that are used to manufacture the different lines.

Fluorocarbon is made from hydrogen, carbon, and fluoride which are more expensive and more difficult to use to manufacture fishing line than nylon which is what is used to produce monofilament.

How long does the fluorocarbon line last?

 If care is taken and the line is cleaned after every use and checked regularly it can last up to 5 years which is approximately four times longer than standard monofilament.

Is fluorocarbon totally invisible underwater?

Fluorocarbon is as close as any line can get to the refractive index of water which makes it virtually invisible but not totally.

Can fluorocarbon be used in both fresh and salt water?

Yes, it can be used in any fishing environment.

Will extreme water temperatures influence fluorocarbon?

As fluorocarbon absorbs very little to no water, it will remain soft and supple in cold or warm water. It’s a great choice for ice fishing.

Can fluorocarbon be used on both spinning and bait casting reels?

Yes, fluorocarbon can be used on either style of reel.


Choosing the best fluorocarbon fishing line for spinning or baitcasting reels can be a tough choice. Especially when you could scroll through literally hundreds of options on the market.

The team at WSA prides ourselves on allowing people like you, spend less time behind a screen scrolling and more time outdoors doing what you love most, fishing.

We truly hope that this post has helped you discover the best fluorocarbon line and also gave you an insight into the different reasons we make fluorocarbon our mainline or leader.

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