When Does Kayaking Season Start? – 3 Things You Need To Know Now

Kayaking is a sport that is enjoyed year-round, of course, there are some seasons that are more pleasant for kayaking but depending on the type of kayaking you enjoy this can vary. We’re here to help you understand ‘when does kayaking season start?’

when does kayaking season start?

Can I go Kayaking in the winter months?

Many people enjoy kayaking in the winter months but you must plan ahead. Ensure you check the weather forecast and stay away from windy or stormy conditions, this is extremely important because you do not want to be caught in a storm that could be life-threatening.

Also, check the average temperature of the water where you are planning to go Kayaking- you will need to have the correct attire and equipment to deal with these temperatures because capsizing in cold water can be deadly. 

Despite the risks, many people enjoy kayaking in the winter months because it is a great form of exercise as well as being quieter than the summer months. 

Things you should be aware of when kayaking in cold waters:

1) Being alone

In summer months, capsizing is just a small inconvenience but if you capsize in the middle of January it can take just seconds for it to become deadly in the extreme cold temperatures.

You should always go with a buddy so you can help each other out as well as having someone alert emergency services if something goes wrong. 

2) Hypothermia or drowning

Due to the cold temperatures, hypothermia and drowning are not uncommon in cold water Kayaking.

Hypothermia is commonly caused by full immersion in extremely cold water, the way it works is that you will have severe loss of dexterity alongside exhaustion and clouded mental capability which are all factors in not being able to keep your head above water and drowning.

You should always wear a life jacket and the correct attire to deal with such conditions.

3) Wearing proper cold-water clothing

This is a huge part of keeping safe in the winter months when kayaking because it can save your life as well as take the worrying away of capsizing. You should ‘layer’- wear warm, moisture-wicking clothes for your base layer, followed by insulated, thicker layers to keep in body heat.

On top of this, you should wear a waterproof outer shell which should then be followed by a full-length, waterproof drysuit that keeps the body completely dry. You should also protect your hands, head, and feet.

Wearing waterproof, neoprene gloves with insulated liners is the best option to keep your hands dry and warm as well as retaining dexterity.

A water-shedding neoprene balaclava is the best option for your head and heavily insulated socks under your drysuit, with wetsuit boots over the top will keep your feet warm all day long. You should always educate yourself what attire is most effective for cold water Kayaking 

when is best to go kayaking in the US

When does Kayaking season start?

Typically, the spring/summer months are ideal for kayaking because of the pleasant weather, warmer water and it is when nature is at it’s peak. In saying this, you should still check the weather forecast to ensure no storms are due. You still need to be cautious when kayaking in summer, if you are new to kayaking it is handy to read a beginners guide which has all the information about staying safe and being well prepared. 

Mid-April is when kayaking season typically starts but this depends on your location- see when kayaking season starts in a specific location. Kayaking season can be longer of shorter depending on where you are so it is always helpful to check before you plan your trip to ensure you get the best out of your kayaking experience.

Hopefully you found this article useful in figuring out when does kayaking season start! Happy kayaking!

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