10 Best Ice Auger Bits

Augers are an essential part of ice fishing. They’re the easiest way to break the hard layers of ice, forming neat holes to sink a hook through. Without an auger, just getting to the fish becomes a difficult process.

10 Best Ice Auger Bits

An ice auger bit makes the process simpler again. Rather than the long work of drilling by hand, you simply attach the auger to an electric drill, and power through. They’re cheaper than full powered ice augers, but easier than hand augers.

If you’ve never been ice fishing, it can be difficult to know exactly what auger bit is best for you. We’ve rounded up the 10 best ice auger bits out there, to get you fishing quickly.

10 Best Ice Auger Bits

Nordic Legend E-Drill Ice Auger 6" Unit Nordic Legend E-Drill Ice Auger 6" Unit

If you’re serious about ice fishing, then you might want to look into getting yourself a Nordic.

These are long, strong, and powerful. Just what you need for cutting through thick ice. 

Nordic Legend have been consistently improving and developing ice fishing equipment, and this auger bit is top quality.

The cutting blades are razor sharp, slicing with ease. The long length is balanced with a nylon flight, which is strong and incredibly durable. It comes with a polymer adaptor, which protects the flight and makes the auger easier to use.

Nordic Legend has even included a blade guard, to protect your fingers (and the blade itself).


  • Nylon Auger Flighting - Durable nylon pushes through the ice, resists extreme temperatures, and stays lightweight.
  • Tempered Stainless Steel Blade - Super sharp, and incredibly strong.
  • 39” Length - Comfortable to use, reduces the problem of back pain.


  • Longevity - May not last as long as other, heavier auger bits.
02/17/2024 07:39 pm GMT
HILTEX 10247 8" x 30" Steel Auger Bit HILTEX 10247 8" x 30" Steel Auger Bit

Strength is what this HILTEX auger bit is all about. Made of a combination of fortified carbon steel and alloy steel, it can cut through the ice smoothly. 

HILTEX has created an incredibly versatile blade. Originally intended for gardening, it’s absolutely perfect for ice fishing.

The rod is made from fortified carbon steel, which is lighter while maintaining durability. The outer blades, crafted from alloy steel, are unbelievably strong. This can clear a hole quickly, with little effort.

At 30 inches long, this is useful for thick ice, and it saves your knees and back. The 8-inch diameter will cut a large hole, which is ideal if you think you’ll be hooking some sizable fish.


  • 8” x 30” - Long and wide, for deep holes which are easier to fish through.
  • Steel construction - Hardy and durable, every part of the HILTEX is designed for strength.
  • Versatile - Can be used on the ice, and in the garden.


  • Adaptation - It doesn’t attach to a wide variety of drills, so be sure to check for compatibility.
04/04/2023 06:26 pm GMT
Eskimo QT8N Power Ice Auger Bit with 8" Quantum Blades Eskimo QT8N Power Ice Auger Bit with 8" Quantum Blades

Eskimo are one of the big names in ice augers. If you’ve ever gone shopping for an auger, you’re likely to have seen bright red Eskimo machines all over the shelves. 

This ice auger bit is technically a replacement for the blades on an Eskimo drill, but it can be adapted for use on other types of drills, if you don’t want to splash out on the full kit.

Eskimo is practically an assurance of quality. The steel construction is ruggedly strong, and at 38.5 inches long it will cut far into even the thickest of ice.

Eskimo has been manufacturing ice fishing supplies since the 1960s, and you can see the history in everything they create. This ice auger bit is sure to see you through fishing trip after fishing trip.


  • Steel construction - Strong, and durable.
  • 38.5” x 8” - Long for easy use, and cuts a big hole.
  • Brand history - Eskimo are a popular choice, with a consistent quality.


  • 12lb - Not a lightweight option.
04/04/2023 07:52 pm GMT
GreatforU Auger Spiral Drill Bit 3” x 10” GreatforU Auger Spiral Drill Bit 3” x 10”

At only 10” long, this GreatforU auger drill bit doesn’t have the same depth as the other drills, but it makes up for that in power.

The high strength steel is beautifully crafted, and it can slice through ice with ease. 

For many people who’ve never used a powered auger, getting through the ice itself presents a massive stumbling block.

With the GreatforU auger bit, the user hardly needs to exert any effort. Simply attach it to the drill, push down, and watch as your hole forms.

If the length is off-putting, then look for an auger extender. These are often made of steel, and simply attach to the end of the auger, connecting it to the drill. Great for thick ice, and for anyone with achy knees.


  • High strength steel - Uses the strength of the blade, without needing much pressure.
  • Steady - The placing of the blades keeps it steady as you work.
  • Adaptable - Fits onto many types of cordless drill.


  • 10” - This is not a long auger, which makes cutting through the thick ice difficult.
04/04/2023 07:36 pm GMT
Jayzod Auger Drill bit for Planting 4"X25" Jayzod Auger Drill bit for Planting 4"X25"

It’s the dimensions of this Jayzod auger drill bit that makes it so surprisingly useful for ice fishing.

Although it may technically be for gardening, the impressive length and good width means it can work on the ice as well. 

If you don’t go ice fishing very often, it can be hard to justify the costs of an electric or gas auger.

They may be the best at getting through the ice, but the reality is that most of the time they’re just expensive garage decorations.

A garden auger such as the Jayzod is perfect for someone who only likes to ice fish on occasion, but still wants a useful tool for creating a hole. Made from high quality metal, it can drill with only minimum effort.


  • 4” x 25” - It may not create the biggest holes, but it does have a decent length.
  • Metal construction - Strong, for pushing through thick ice.
  • Price - This is an inexpensive option, for the casual ice fisherman.


  • Width - Only makes small holes, so can’t be used when catching larger fish.
Findmall Earth Auger Drill Bits 8" Findmall Earth Auger Drill Bits 8"

At 31” long, with an 8” diameter, this Findmall bit has classic dimensions for an ice auger.

Constructed using a heavy tube for maximum strength drilling, this is an auger that will power through the ice.

The whole auger bit is constructed using the highest quality materials. Durable carbon steel forms the pilot bit, with a tungsten carbide cutting tip that slices through the ice.

The whole thing is finished with a black powder coating, which prevents rust and corrosion.

We like the 8” for creating a decent sized hole, but there are a few different options. Try the 10”, or even the 12”, if you want a significant gap in the ice. 4” and 6” can also be purchased, if you’re after small fish.


  • Tungsten Carbide cutting tip - Strong and sharp, for immediately slicing out ice.
  • 31” length - Save your back, with this long Findmall auger bit.
  • Different diameters - A real range of sizes available, for the perfect hole.


  • Fit - Findmall claims their bit fits an Earthquake drill, but users claim to have struggled.
04/04/2023 04:27 pm GMT
SORANGEUN Earth Auger Drill Bit 8” SORANGEUN Earth Auger Drill Bit 8”

Carbon coated steel is used to keep this SORANGEUN auger bit durable and strong across years of consistent use.

Which is good, because the 8” diameter and 31” length makes this auger bit something you’ll want to bring for ice fishing trips for years to come.

SORANGEUN has worked to upgrade and improve their auger bit over recent years. The blades are made from upgraded alloy steel, for incredible cutting performance.

The thickened spirals will keep a balanced and intense movement, with high speed running doing all the work for you. 


  • 31” length - Good for your back, and your knees.
  • Alloy steel blades - Strength, combined with incredible sharpness.
  • 8” diameter - A larger size, for cutting big holes.


  • Despite claiming to be universal, it won’t fit into every drill.
02/17/2024 10:19 pm GMT
Earthquake EA10F 10-Inch Auger Bit Earthquake EA10F 10-Inch Auger Bit

When you’re holding this Earthquake auger bit in your hands, you may genuinely think it can make the earth move. With a diameter of an impressive 10 inches, supported by a length of 36”, this is one powerful auger bit.

A combination of durable steel, heavy welds, and a fishtail point makes this auger bit incredibly simple to use, and ruggedly strong.

But this is balanced by a flexicoil shock absorber, which stops the auger from blowing you away.

The powder coat finish keeps it rust and corrosion free, which is great, because this is an auger designed to last. Replaceable blades ensure that you can keep on using it.


  • 36” length - There’s almost no need to bend at all with this auger bit. Gets deep into the ice whilst you stand straight.
  • Powder coat finish - Rust and corrosion are prevented, for a long-lasting piece of equipment.
  • Fishtail point - Direct where your hole will go with ease.


  • 16.6 lbs - If you’re travelling far, then this probably isn’t the auger bit for you.
  • Only fits with other Earthquake products.
04/04/2023 06:11 pm GMT
StrikeMaster Lazer Auger-8 in. LD-8 StrikeMaster Lazer Auger-8 in. LD-8

StrikeMaster is one of the biggest names in ice augers. If you want something to get you through the ice, then it’s worth thinking about getting a StrikeMaster.

Hand augers are a very traditional way of cutting ice. Using one involves some genuine strength, and a fair amount of hard work. It takes some time to get used to, and a bad hand auger can take a long few minutes to get through the ice. 

StrikeMaster Lazer is one of the most innovative hand augers on the market. The flared blades are super sharp, and make slicing through the ice easier than ever.

If you don’t fancy putting the effort in, then attach it to a cordless drill using a conversion kit.


  • Brand consistency - StrikeMaster are known for their high quality products.
  • Versatile - Can be used by hand, or attached to a drill.
  • Flared blades - Fast and secure cutting motion.


  • Price - An expansive auger, especially if you need to buy the adaptor.
04/04/2023 10:11 am GMT
StrikeMaster MD-8 Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger 8" StrikeMaster MD-8 Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger 8"

Another great design from StrikeMaster, the Mora is an incredible hand auger.

Soft rubber grips and an adjustable handle makes it one of the most comfortable hand augers to use, even standing on the freezing cold ice. 

As with the Lazer, the Mora can work by hand, or it can be fixed to a cordless drill using a conversion kit.

This one by CLAM is very popular among ice fishers, as it allows you to attach all kinds of augers to all kinds of drills. It also keeps the user comfortable, and can convert the power easily. It does make the kit that bit heavier, but it’s worth it for the ease of use.


  • Brand consistency - If you’re after an ice fishing auger, StrikeMaster is quality.
  • Versatile - Can be used by hand, or attached to a drill.
  • Rubber grips - Comfortable to hold, and easier to use.


  • Price - Again, there’s a large price tag attached, and it doesn’t include the adaptor.
04/04/2023 04:14 pm GMT

Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve never bought an ice auger before, then it can be mystifying knowing exactly what you need. This buyer’s guide helps you know what features to look for.

Blade size

The blade size relates to the size of the hole that will be cut into the ice – the larger the blade, the larger the hole. Ice augers tend to come in three standard sizes: 6”, 8”, and 10”.

Smaller auger blades do exist, but they can make holes which are far too small to fish comfortably through. Before you buy an auger bit, make sure to check the size of the fish you’re after. 

The larger blades generally come at the higher price, but it’s not a huge difference. Paying the extra tends to be worth it for the better hole.


There are two reasons why you want a longer auger. First, it saves your back and knees. You can stand up to use a longer auger. Second, the longer the auger, the more blades, and the better it can get through the thick ice.

One thing to note is that you can buy extenders for an auger. These are simple pipes that can be used to extend the distance from the drill to the auger, so you don’t have to bend over. This is a smooth pole, so it won’t add any more blades.


Augers need to be strong, or they won’t have any effect at getting through the ice. Steel is a popular choice, as it’s sharp and durable. The materials need to be good across the bit. A good blade can be let down by cheap casing.


If you’re buying a bit, you probably want to attach it to a drill you already own. Be sure to check that the bit is compatible with the drill. Otherwise, you want to know that there’s a good returns policy. 

Conversion kit

Conversion kits help attach hand augers and auger bits to a simple cordless drill. It helps convert the spin and give power, so you can easily pass through the ice. Conversion kits generally make it more comfortable to hold and move the drill.


Auger bits can be heavy, and some are heavier than others. Factor in the drill, and possibly the conversion kit, and that’s a lot to drag across the ice. Check the weight, to make sure it’s easy enough to carry. Mobility may not be the most important factor, but it’s definitely something to consider.


If you’ve been using a gas or hand auger and thinking of switching to electric, then you’re probably expecting to pay several hundred dollars. The good news about an ice auger bit is it can attach either directly, or using a conversion kit, to a cordless drill you already own. It saves money, time, and space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to drill a hole with a hand ice auger?

How long it takes to drill a hole with a hand ice auger depends on the thickness of the ice, and the size of the hand auger, as well as your own strength. Expect it to take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

A much quicker option is to attach a hand auger to a drill using a conversion kit. This will get through the ice at speed, with almost no physical effort.

Are hand ice augers hard to use?

Not really, it just can take some time to get used to. The most important thing is to have sharp blades. 

What is an ice auger bit?

An ice auger bit is a corkscrew drill bit. It fits into a drill, and is used to cut holes through the ice. Ice auger bits are typically long and wide, so they can cut deeply through layers of ice.

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