What Is The Best Time To Buy A Kayak & Save Yourself Some Money

Best Time To Buy A Kayak

Most people understand the concept that certain products are cheaper throughout different months of the year, but how often do you seek them buying opportunities out? Let's go over the best time to buy a kayak...

So When Should I Buy My Kayak?

Although kayaking is an activity that can be carried out all year round, there is a season which is indefinitely more popular than the rest - Summer. And as you guessed, kayak prices, tour prices, travel costs and other equipment costs rise leading up to and during the summer months. 

Some people might have the opinion that seeking out the best deal for a kayak in winter is hassle and a waste of time to just save a few bucks.

But if you also add up the other equipment you might need such as a life vest, paddle, storage crates, kayak gloves and racking systems... The cost and potential savings can soon add up to a significant number. 

It's easy to say that the best time of year to purchase your kayak is Christmas during the festive sales.

But if you're already spending a lot of money on family & friends, you might not want to be spending lots of money on a kayak (Unless you're buying for someone else, then this is a great time!).

During the kayaking season it's going to be difficult to find and sellers that are offering a big discount, the demand for kayaks in this time is just too high. 

To recap the best months to buy your kayak are likely December (Christmas time), Fall months (Kayak season is starting to end and vendors want to clear stock for next year).

Before Buying a Kayak Consider These:

  • Your Budget 
  • The type of kayak you want to buy
  • Where you will use the kayak
  • What season you will use the kayak

There are thousands of kayaks on the market at one time and lots of different variations to choose from.

All of this can be very confusing to a newcomer. Make sure you double check the kayak specs and choose the right one for your adventure. 

Let's say for example you want to take your kayak on a fishing trip with you... Choosing the most budget option might not be the best idea if you're going to sacrifice the kayaks stability and storage areas - two things you'll likely need whilst fishing.

Or let's say you would rather be kayaking in really cold climates throughout the winter... well a sit on top kayak probably wont be appropriate as you're exposing more of your body to the wind and water.

As you can see, a few simple thoughts about what type of kayak you're buying will really improve your time out on the water. 

The Issue With Purchasing A Kayak During The Off-Season

best time to buy a kayak

Whist you may be fully sold on the idea of purchasing your kayak during the off season when you are more than likely to save yourself some money in the process. 

You might run into one issue which I have on several occasions. And that problem is storage for your kayak. If you have plenty of room then this is likely not an issue for you.

Yes, you will also have to store your kayak in the summer months when you aren't using it.

But if you are taking it out every weekend then it will likely be stored somewhere accessible or in my case remain on top of my car. 

This also won't be an issue if you're one of the many kayaking enthusiasts who enjoy kayaking all year round.

Other Kayaking Equipment - Life Vests & Paddles

When you're going kayaking you'll also need to purchase some other necessary equipment such as a life vest or a paddle. 

During kayaking you use your paddle to thrust you forward, backwards and turn. You literally can't go anywhere without it!

Although some kayaks nowadays have foot peddles built in which help you peddle through the water, these still aren't all that common and are usually only found on slow moving fishing kayaks when the use of your hands to cast and rig up your lines is needed.

Kayak paddles produced from fiber-glass and carbon-fiber are usually the preferred choice amongst experienced kayakers due to how lightweight and easy to manoeuvre they are.

However the cost of a kayak paddle can soon run up to $150-$200 depending on your options. So it's also a great idea to purchase your other equipment in the off season when you can strike a better deal. 

If you're also looking for a kayak paddle we have reviewed: The best kayak paddles money can buy in 2020

What's The Best Way To Save Some Money Whilst Buying A Kayak?

Snapping up the holiday deals – As we have previously said, Christmas is a great time of year to grab a bargain on your kayak purchase. Most vendors will put some good deals on all of their products at this time of year so it may also be a good idea to get your paddle and life vest as well. 

You may also be able to take advantage of the free shipping many online vendors offer at Christmas time! 

Sign up to email newsletters/email lists– If you're a fan of ordering your products from websites online then this trick might be the perfect one for you. Sign up to as many newsletters and email lists for kayaking brands as possible - or at least the ones you're interested in. 

Many online vendors will promote discounts and money off coupons via their newsletters, usually ahead of anyone else, so you get in there quick! Sometimes only the email list get the discount coupon as the % saved is sometimes brilliant!

Purchasing during offseason - As we have previously said this is the best time to buy for the lowest price. But it does also come with a few disadvantages... You won't be able to get your hands on all of the models (or at least the latest ones) as they is often less stocked by vendors due to the lower demand. 

Buy an older model - For sure this is a great way to save some money and perhaps get a better quality kayak with extra bells and whistles you wouldn't get from a brand new model in your price range. After all, kayaks haven't fundamentally changed the way they operate, so why not grab an older bargain that performs just as well?

Buy a second hand kayak - Our last tip on the list which will definitely save you some bucks this year. Purchase your kayak from someone who is getting rid of their own. Obviously check the condition and the quality of the kayak but if you look hard enough you will find some real bargains here! Often you can find kayaks that have been used only a handful of times and just sat in someone garage for years!


Overall in our opinion, keeping your eye out for the best kayak deals during the off season will be the best way to strike the hottest deals - that is if you have the space to store it over the winter months. 

We hope this article has helped you make your decision as to when to buy your kayak. We hope you do end up purchasing a kayak which is perfect for your needs. If you are a beginner kayaker and need a cheaper option to get started which is perfect for recreational users then we have reviewed our best recreational kayaks under $500

Also, whilst shopping for your kayak don't forget your paddles or life vest! You can often get a better deal if you buy together as part of a combo deal, just ask the vendor!

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