How Many Calories Does Snowboarding Burn?

How many calories does snowboarding burn? Everyone that’s ever been snowboarding knows that after a hard day on the slopes you are tired and you feel like you’ve had a really great workout.

Balancing on your board and cutting your way down the slope requires hundreds of different muscles throughout your body.

Once you wake up the next day, you’ll know exactly what we mean. But how many calories does snowboarding burn? We’ll get down to that answer now. 

calories burned snowboarding

Whether you are snowboarding on well-established trails, on the indoor snowboarding slope, or in search of yet to be touched powder snow in the wilderness, everyone who has set foot on a snowboard knows that it requires a high degree of energy expenditure. 

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated calories burned in one hour while snowboarding:

how many calories does snowboarding burn

Trying to figure out exactly how many calories does snowboarding burns can be quite difficult. The best way to get an accurate measure is to wear an activity tracker whilst you are out on the slopes.

It depends largely on variables such as muscle content, gender, metabolism, intensity levels, and even how experienced you are on the board. 

If you are brand new to snowboarding your muscles will be working much harder to keep you balanced compared to someone who has been snowboarding for years. If you are in the wild dodging trees, hitting some jumps and tricks then you are going to burn a lot more calories than someone who is practicing to turn a corner on the beginner’s slope.

If you are snowboarding to burn as many calories as possible then ditch the ski lift and put your gear on your back, put on your snowshoes, and head on up the slopes on your own. This will easily double, triple, or quadruple the amount of calories you will burn across the day. But remember you’ll end up spending less time on the slopes! 

The team at truly believes that finding a physical activity that you love and enjoy is a much better way to stay fit and healthy, instead of spending hours slaving away on the cross-trainer at the local gym. It’s better for your mental and physical health! That’s why we’re such big advocates for water sports! Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into how many calories does snowboarding burn. Have fun on the slopes! 

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