Best Fishing Pole For Kids – Best Fishing Pole For 5 Year Old [2020]

The Best Kid Fishing Pole

It's a common saying that kids don't do what you say but imitate what you do. This is perfect for any mother or father who loves going fishing on the weekends, you can easily take your kids with you and let them enjoy the wonderful outdoors and the world of fishing right beside you. Having the best fishing pole for kids is vital in ensuring they can fish and enjoy it properly. 

Everyone knows that getting good at fishing requires both patience and experience. Kids usually have neither, however if you can get them to love fishing. They'll soon become experts at a relatively young age. 

Fishing with your child can be an extremely fun and rewarding activity for you both, you can teach them a new skill and create an everlasting bond. This is why getting them the best fishing pole for kids will ensure that their attention and interest is sparked and it'll make casting the line into the water much easier.

There is tonnes of fishing poles for kids on the market, which can soon send your head into a spin if you end up shopping for hours. To keep things simple and give you a helping hand we have put together a buyers guide which will detail the key features to look out for, an FAQ section and we have even reviewed our top 10 fishing poles for kids, we think any of them will be a perfect choice for you. 

5 Best Fishing Poles For Kids



We have reviewed many adult fishing rods from plusinno and believe that all of their products are excellent. That's why it comes as no surprise to see that their kids fishing poles are well loved by Plusinno's customers. 

This rod comes in both a 3.9ft and 4.9ft size choice which makes it perfect to use for most ages of kids. 

This fishing set took our editors choice as it is a great gift to introduce kids into the world of fishing. It comes with everything you need to get started in fishing - this kit includes a telescopic fishing rod, spin-cast reel with string fishing line and a box full of all the necessary tackle. 

String fishing line is often important when it comes to fishing with young children, it avoids potentially cutting their hands if they grab the line or get it caught. This rod is lightweight and includes a thumb click on the reel for easy operation. 


  • Non-slip EVA handle
  • Lightweight and collapsable for easy handling and storage
  • Suitable for freshwater and lake fishing
  • Weighs only 134g
  • Comes with a carry bag and everything you need to start fishing

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Shakespeare have been producing high quality fishing rods and tackle for years and their products are well loved around the world by thousands of anglers. Their perfectionist designs and manufacturing has not been lost on this spinning rod which is a perfect choice for your kids, especially if you envision them becoming serious about fishing. 

Many customers report that this is the best fishing pole for 5 year old and over.

The ugly stik is only 36 inches long which makes it easily manageable and casting should be no issue for a child. The graphite and fiberglass construction make this rod extremely strong and sensitive yet really lightweight and easy to handle. 

The cork and EVA grip allows you to maintain control even in wet weather conditions. The spinning combo also comes with a small pre spooled reel with 6lb monofilament fishing line. 


  • Cork and EVA handle
  • Lightweight
  • Great sensitivity 
  • Comes with a pre spooled reel

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Here is another Shakespeare rod which is also tailored toward the younger generation - perhaps this rod is perfect for an even younger audience than the last. Styled around many kid's heroes these rods come based around various cartoon characters which is great for keeping your child engaged and originally sparking their interest. 

This rod is only 2ft 6" and incredibly lightweight which makes it easy to cast and manage for even really small kids. 

The rod is an all in one rod, reel and line combo which means you're ready to get going on your adventure as soon as you receive the combo.


  • Includes multi purpose tackle box
  • Lightweight
  • Thumb button extension and finger guard
  • Includes casting plug

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This is a great fishing pole for kids. It is a telescopic rod which comes with everything you need to get fishing right away. You get lures, sinkers, bobbers, hooks, swivels and much more all which packs away nicely into your included tackle box. 

As well as all the included gear, it all can be transported along with the rod in an easy to transport carry bag so you'll never forget any of your fishing gear. 

The rod comes in a variety of colors from black, blue and red/pink.

Many customers report that the fishing pole for kids is extremely lightweight and can be easily cast and held for long periods of time by their children. 


  • Includes everything you need to start fishing
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Thumb button extension and finger guard
  • Telescopic design for easy transport

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This fishing combo is a fantastic choice for any kid looking to venture into the world of fishing for the first time. It comes as a full 37 piece fishing gear set! 

You get a rod, reel, line, full tackle box, carry bag and even a net! In our opinion this set is great value for money. Not only does this combo contain everything you need but customers also report on the quality of the fishing rod.

The rod is telescopic which makes is suitable for compact travel, it collapses to only 17" long and fits neatly into the included carry bag. When fully extended the rod is 65".

The reel is closed-face and comes pre spooled with 200ft of 8lb line. The bush putton on the base of the reel makes casting super easy for any beginner. 


  • Includes everything you need to start fishing
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Closed reel and easy to use push button
  • Telescopic design for easy transport

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Buyers Guide - How to select the best kids fishing pole

best fishing poles for 5 year old

Rod Length

This is one key feature when trying to decide which is the best fishing pole for your kid. It closely correlates with weight in that it can make the fishing a lot more difficult and less enjoyable for a beginner if you get it wrong.

Some starter rods are very small which makes casting further and fishing harder however if it is the only size of rod your child can manage then that's fine. If your kid end up loving fishing then you can soon step up the rod length as they gain more experience. 

Another great type of rod to look at is the telescopic rod. Being able to retract the rod to a more manageable size whilst carrying it can allow your kid to take full responsibility of their fishing trip and carry all their own goods. If you go for a one or two piece rod your child might find it difficult to carry a full length rod around.


The handle is one aspect of a fishing rod that most people overlook and don't understand how important it is. Your kid is going to maintain interest if the fishing rod is comfortable in their hands and they can hold it for long periods of time. 

Kids fishing poles have smaller handles and as it is designed for smaller hands. It must also be made from anti-slip but soft materials such as EVA foam or cork. 

You need to consider the handle more when you're buying a longer rod. The bigger length puts more weight and strain onto your hands as you cast and move the rod. If you are getting a bigger rod make sure you opt for a comfortable handle. 

Rod Weight

It's obvious that a lot of what we are suggesting comes down to your kids fishing experience and their age and that's why we included a mixture of super basic entry level rods and then slightly more experienced kids fishing poles on our list. 

All rods will differ in weight, when it comes to choosing the best fishing pole for 5 year olds and up you want to focus your attention onto the weight of the pole. This is to ensure the rod is easy to pick up and manoeuvre. 

Your kid wants to be able to easy cast into the water with one hand and still maintain full control of the fishing rod.

We know it's difficult to pinpoint the exact weight of rod your child can handle until you've bought and used it, so we would always recommend giving it your best guess whilst trying to go for the lightest rod possible. 


Whilst shopping for almost anything we use in our daily lives, durability is one aspect we always want to know more about....How strong a product is or how long a particular product will last you.

Children can tend to test the durability of a product more than anyone else, this might be due to their clumsiness and heavy handedness. Fishing rods are thin and can easily be broken if they are not produced to a high standard therefore making sure you get the best fishing pole for kids is important.

All of the poles we have mentioned in our list are made from reputable fishing brands and are all notorious for produced durable and high quality products. In terms of what materials to look out for I would always go for fiberglass and graphite materials. These two are the most common and for good reason - they are lightweight and strong.


What Is The Difference Between Rod and Pole?

There isn't much difference between a rod and a pole really. Nowadays the phrases are both used interchangeably and mean the same thing. Right the way throughout this article I have used both terms where necessary. 

The term 'pole' comes from ancient methods (although still used today) of fishing where a fixed amount of fishing line was ties to the end of a pole or bamboo stick and thrown into the water. 

Are the best fishing poles for 5 year olds and above safe to use?

Safety and fishing tends to come down a lot to experience with the gear and the area. Whilst the poles we have recommended wouldn't exactly be considered dangerous in their own right, everyone who is new to fishing should err on the side of caution especially when choosing where to go fishing. 

How slippy are the rocks? Is the tide about to come in? Should I wear a lifejacket to fish here? 

These are all fishing basics that i'm sure you will be teaching to your kids and whilst you're there with them at a younger age, it might just require you to keep an extra eye on them around the waters edge and whilst using fishing hooks etc.  

Should I get a combo deal or singular rod and reel?

This comes down to personal preference and the level of experience your kid has in fishing. If they have fished before and know what they are looking for then they might prefer getting a rod, reel and gear which is more suited to the kind of fishing they are wanting to do.

However if you are taking your kid fishing for the first time and they are just literally starting out then you'll get better value for money choosing a combo deal, you usually get absolutely everything required to get started right away and 


It's understandable that anyone who has been fishing for many years would love it for their kids to also be interested in the brilliant sport and get out on the water with them. Fishing trips can make for great days out and memories between children and parents. However choosing the best kids fishing pole can be a tough task without knowing how good they will be. That's why we have put together our top 5 favourites to give you a helping hand. 

Finding the right youth fishing pole then involves you looking over aspects like the weight, length and durability of the fishing rod to make sure it's easy for your kid to use.  

We really hope our list and buyers guide can help you make a more informed and suitable choice with confidence. I hope you get a rod for your kid and get out on your adventures soon and make some everlasting memories! 

To recap the editors choice and next best selection went to: Plusinno Kids Fishing Pole Shakespeare Ugly Stik Dock Runner Spinning Combo.

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